This Article is From Aug 03, 2013

Narendra Modi lovers in Mumbai should move back to Gujarat, says Nitesh Rane

Nitesh Rane meeting the press on Saturday

Mumbai: A defiant Nitesh Rane, the 31-year-old son of senior Congress leader Narayan Rane, today not only refused to take back his words mocking the Gujaratis settled in Mumbai, but even tried to qualify it by saying he meant those who love Narendra Modi should go back to Gujarat.

"I only said those who feel Narendra Modi is doing a good job can move there," he said at a press conference today.

Asked to clarify his stand on Gujarati housing societies favouring vegetarian residents, he said, "There is an issue with vegetarian societies and it has been raised in the Maharashtra Assembly. Why not raise it?"

"Veg skies, Veg hospitals, Veg housing societies.soon Veg Mumbai! Either Gujjus go back to Gujarat or they turn Mumbai into Gujarat... Red alert," the Congress leader had tweeted earlier. (Read)

On his sexist remarks against author Shobhaa De, Mr Rane remained equally defiant. "We don't sit within four walls and write columns and tweets. We don't share our opinion at Page 3 parties," he said.

"She should come out on the streets and say the same thing. We are waiting to welcome her," he said in what looked like another threat to the author.

Earlier, the author's satirical tweet wondering about statehood for Mumbai after the creation of Telangana had rattled the Maharashtra politicians. (Read)

Mr Rane had tweeted in response, "Rather than Twitter, Shobha De shud say the same thing on the streets of Mumbai openly after which she won't be left with any 'shoba' forever."