This Article is From Sep 01, 2014

My Family Has Not Committed Any Impropriety, Says Justice Sathasivam

Chennai: Former Chief Justice of India Justice P Sathasivam, touted to be the next Governor of Kerala, has denied allegations that his family had sought undue favours from the Tamil Nadu government. Citing charges of alleged impropriety, an advocate asked President Pranab Mukherjee today not to appoint him to that constitutional position.

"It is incorrect that my family or I received undue favours from the Tamil Nadu government over a 98 cent property," Justice Sathasivam told NDTV.

Regarding the allegation that his son has received a dealership from automobile major Maruti without paying the mandatory Rs 5 crore deposit, he said, "My son had applied like hundreds of others. I don't know about any exemption granted to him".

The Centre's reported move to appoint Justice Sathasivam as the Kerala Governor has sparked a debate in political and legal circles. It has even been alleged that the NDA government is considering him for the post as a reward for his verdict in April 2013, providing relief to Amit Shah, the new BJP chief, then accused of involvement in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Tulsiram Prajapati fake encounter cases.

"I deny the offer is a quid pro quo," Justice Sathasivam said. "Any other judge in my position would have given the same verdict. There can't be two FIRs on the same case."

Other criticisms against his possible appointment involve the propriety of giving gubernatorial assignment to people retiring from the highest judicial office in the country.

There's nothing wrong in a former CJI becoming a Governor, Justice Sathasivam said. "In fact, I have not even offered any advice to any corporate since my retirement," he said. "I'm happy to be back in my hometown looking after my agriculture. I'm fine even if I'm not appointed as governor."