This Article is From Aug 07, 2015

Minor Girl Trafficked From Bengal, Married Off to Haryana Man, Escapes

New Delhi: By the tender age of 17 years, this girl from Bengal's Raniganj area has had a lifetime's worth of bad experiences - sold off four times, forced marriage, abuse by husband, and captivity. Three days ago, she finally managed to escape.

Speaking to NDTV, the girl said she and her cousin had been abducted two months ago and brought to Delhi, probably in a drugged state. She certainly doesn't remember anything of the journey, she said.

Last month, her agents finally married her off to a man from Rewari, who works as a driver in Gurgaon. But marriage became hell as her husband abused her for her dark skin and kept her locked in the house.

"Ever since I was in Delhi, I was not allowed to go near a phone. Two days ago, I managed to escape and called a Delhi-based friend for help," she told NDTV.

Her friend brought her to safety and then they started the search for her missing cousin. During the search, they managed to trap the agents. A man and a woman have been detained by the police.

Explaining the racket involving the sale of girls from Bengal and Bihar in Delhi, 40-year-old Laxmi said they fetch anything between Rs 1500 to Rs 1 lakh.

The woman, who is now in police net, had been supplying girls to men in Haryana and Rajasthan who want to get married for the last 15 months.

"This girl along with another girl was brought to me by a man named Raju... I got only Rs 1500 for this," she said. "We get calls from men in Haryana who want girls to get married to, so then we facilitate this process."

The girl's husband had paid Rs 80,000, said her friend Saif.

According to the record book of one non-governmental organisation, seven young girls were brought from Assam and Bengal and sold off in Haryana this year. Around 20 girls were rescued last year.