Amid A Huge Water Crisis, PM Modi's 3 Requests For People

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said only 8 per cent rainwater can be saved each year and water conservation should be a key focus area now.

Amid A Huge Water Crisis, PM Modi's 3 Requests For People

Mann ki Baat: PM Narendra Modi spoke of the importance of water conservation.


  • This was PM Modi's first Mann Ki Baat after winning a second term
  • Over the last weeks, Chennai has practically gone dry
  • Severe water shortage has been reported from Madhya Pradesh, Bengal
New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today called upon the people to conserve water, calling it "paras" (the philosopher's stone) that creates new life. As parts of the country pass through the worst-ever water crisis in recent years, he also had three requests for the people.  

"I appeal to all Indians, including eminent people from all walks of life, to create awareness on water conservation. Secondly, share knowledge of traditional methods of water conservation. Third, if you know about any individuals or NGOs working on water, do share about them," the Prime Minister said in Mann ki Baat, his popular weekly radio address, which began again today after the BJP's massive victory in the Lok Sabha elections.

Over the last weeks, Chennai has practically gone dry and life has come to a standstill. Many shopping malls and public areas have been shut, and people have been asked to work from home. Severe water shortage has also been reported from parts of Madhya Pradesh and Bengal.

"Water is life-saving force... only 8 per cent water from rains can be saved each year. It is time to realise the importance of water and resolve this situation," the Prime Minister said, adding that he has written to village heads about the matter.


"I wrote a letter to Gram Pradhans on the importance of water conservation and how to take steps to create awareness on the subject across rural India," he said.

Over the last few months, many have written to him about "water related issues", PM Modi said, adding, "I am happy to see greater awareness on water conservation."

"There is no fixed way to conserve water. In different parts, different methods may be adopted but the aim is same - to conserve every drop of water," he said.