Maharashtra Restaurants Allowed To Stay Open Till 12 AM, Shops Till 11 PM

The Maharashtra government said in view of the coming festival season, the restrictions on time for shops, restaurants and hotels will lead to more crowding

The Maharashtra government said restaurant staff and visitors should be fully vaccinated.


Restaurants in Maharashtra will remain open till midnight and shops till 11 pm from today, with the Maharashtra government relaxing the curbs imposed due to the Covid outbreak.  Earlier, both were allowed to remain open till 10 pm.

The government, however, said it was essential for restaurant staff to be fully vaccinated as announced earlier. The decision to extend timings was taken yesterday after the Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray met the State Covid Task Force.

"In order to prevent the transmission of the Covid 19 virus, restrictions like regulating of time, scrupulous adherence to Covid appropriate behaviour, requirements of service providers as well as visitors to be fully vaccinated, restrictions on occupancy etc. have been imposed" upon various establishments, the government said.

97 per cent of eligible citizens of Mumbai have received single dose of vaccination and 55 per cent are fully vaccinated now. The city's lifeline, the local trains are accessible to fully vaccinated citizens only.

As an additional measure, the local authorities have been allowed to cut down on timings in need. But any further extension of time cannot be made without special permission, the government said.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray's Office tweeted the news, along with a copy of the order.

The government had taken a decision to extend the timing on Monday. In its order, it explained that in view of the coming festival season, the restrictions on time for shops, restaurants and hotels will lead to more crowding.

With the Covid numbers showing a steady decline, the state government had also announced that amusement parks, theatres and cinema halls will reopen. Theatres and cinema halls will be open from October 22.

The government had kept up a strict regimen of curbs and vigilance during Ganesh Puja -- Maharashtra's biggest festival -- last month.

After initially insisting on Covid safety measures at pandals, the state government had barred people from visiting pandals.

"Who would like to impose restrictions on festivals and religious programmes? But people's lives are important," Mr Thackeray was quoted as saying by news agency Press Trust of India, while explaining that decision.