Press Conference Of Indian National Uzma, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj: Highlights

Press Conference Of Indian National Uzma, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj: Highlights

Uzma is briefing the media after returning to India.

Uzma, the Indian woman who said that she was forced to marry a Pakistani man at gunpoint returned to India this morning. She is addressing a press conference with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj:

Here are the live updates of the press conference:



  • ​I never knew my life would have so much value. I am an orphan.
  • For the first time, I felt as if my life too has a value.
  • Sushma ma'am (External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj) said being an Indian means you should be proud. 
  • I used to get calls from her daily. She said we are trying to do all we can to get you back.
  • That encouraged me to think that Sushma ma'am, Centre is doing so much for me.
  • Perhaps I would not have been alive if had I been there for a few more days. They would have had sold me, killed me.
  • There are women from all countries. They are abused, harassed.
  • There are many girls over there who are not able to get out.
  • I have never heard such good things about me from any one as I have from Sushma ma'am. I cannot thank her enough for her help.
  • Even before the hearing, she spoke to me. I was touched by how much she cared.
  • It is easy to go to Pakistan, but difficult to go out. Pakistan maut ka kua hai. (Pakistan is a well of death).
  • India is far better, there is freedom. I will always discourage people from going to Pakistan.
  • Even men are not safe in Pakistan.
  • I am proud to be India's daughter. I have seen so many countries, but there is no country like India.
  • India is so much better off in so many respects. I'd also like to thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi.



  • It is quite a big deal for us that when a woman is trapped in a foreign land, the Indian High Commission is a ray of hope.
  • Upon reaching Indian High Commission, Uzma had said she would rather die than go back.
  • I feel proud of an officer like JP Singh. There was no one to advise him. But he did all he could for her.
  • He said the moment she said she is an Indian, all other questions became redundant.
  • He has really lived up to one of our slogans: In a foreign land, the Indian embassy is your friend.
  • Uzma had gone through a great deal of trauma.
  • The first time I spoke to JP. I said even if we had to keep her for 1,2 or 3 years, we would keep her at the Indian High Commission.
  • Today I want to thank the foreign ministry and the home ministry of Pakistan.
  • If Uzma is with us today, they have a role too. I also want to thank the lawyer who fought the case for us.
  • The Pakistani judge was told this case was a matter of 'Pakistan's prestige'. He asked how is it about India and Pakistan?
  • When I saw Uzma kiss the Indian ground at Wagah border, that picture speaks a thousand words itself.
  • That gesture alone won the hearts of all Indians.

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