Land Litigation Leaves Singer Lucky Ali Disenchanted

Lucky Ali is now threatening to leave the country, settle elsewhere if his case is not handed over to CBI

Renowned Singer Lucky Ali who has been involved in a long-drawn land litigation with a major builder in Bengaluru is now threatening to leave the country and settle elsewhere if his case is not handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation.

At the centre of this legal battle is a 115 acre farmhouse in Yelahanka area of North Bengaluru belonging to his father late Mehmood Ali. Singer Ali alleges that a pair of prominent builder brothers from Bengaluru have forged documents to corner this land.

In 2014, he even claimed there was a threat to his life and 14 people were arrested. A frustrated Mr Ali said the probe has gone on for more than two years with very little headway and has left him disenchanted.

The case is yet to see a chargesheet being filed and Mr Ali said he believes only a CBI probe can help him save his farm worth more than Rs 1,500 crore. "I am going to go to the necessary authorities like I have done before and see that this goes to the CBI because I believe in this whole thing whatever happens. If I am wrong, if you tell me that you're wrong and you get out from here and you go away from this country. Then I will go. I will go and find my work somewhere else," said the singer.

The state government to which the CID reports, insists a fair probe is being carried out. "Let him give the complaints to in charge of that police station, we will take it seriously because he is supposed to be renowned singer so they'll definitely take an action," said Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara.

The singer has now decided to approach the DGP and the Home Minister as he fights to keep possession of this prime plot of land.