This Article is From Jan 05, 2023

9 Police Vans Failed To Catch Car That Dragged Woman For 13 km: Sources

Sources have also told NDTV that nine Police Control Room (PCR) vans chased the car but failed to catch it.

Sources said the car's occupants were aware that the woman was caught in the engine.

New Delhi:

In the horrific death of a 20-year-old Delhi woman dragged by a car for over an hour on January 1, there are more indications that the occupants of the car knew she was caught in the axle but kept driving, crushing her in the most horrific manner.
Sources have also claimed that nine Police Control Room (PCR) vans chased the car but failed to catch it.

Anjali Singh, returning home from a New Year's party on her scooter with a friend, was hit by the car at around 2 am. Her leg was caught in a wheel, and she was dragged for 13 km by the car that took multiple turns to try and detach the body.

Anjali's friend Nidhi, who was with her on the scooter but fled without informing anyone, has told the police that she was screaming in pain but the car driver didn't stop and "deliberately" ran her over.

Sources say there were five PCR vans on the route, some six calls were made to the police emergency number and more than 20 calls were made to the police by witness Deepak Dahiya, who noticed the car with a body stuck under it.

Around nine police vans were despatched to look for the car but all failed to find it.

The police first received a call reporting an accident at 2.18 am. Another call came through at 2.20 am, sources said.

The witness made two calls around 3.24 am and reported that he could see a car driving with a body underneath.

The police also received calls at around 4.26 and 4.27 am from a man who said a woman's body was lying on the road.

Nine police vans on the road couldn't find either the vehicle or the body, sources said, claiming it was because of "poor visibility" in fog.

Sources also said the five occupants of the car were aware that a woman had been hit and was caught in the engine. They kept driving forward and reversing, allegedly intending to crush her or shake her off, the sources said.

After driving for around two and a half km, the accused men even spotted the woman's arm under the wheels but didn't stop.

"They had realized something is stuck underneath. When they looked out of the window, they saw her hand sticking out. But they spotted a police car and sped up, dragging the woman with the car," sources said.

To try and dislodge the body, the car took "more than four u-turns", sources said.

Anjali Singh's body was found with her clothes ripped off and skin peeled away.

An autopsy report has revealed that she had at least 40 external injuries, so severe that her ribs were exposed from her back, the base of her skull was fractured and some "brain matter was missing".

She had injuries to the head, spine and lower limbs. The cause of her death is listed as "shock and haemorrhage" and the injuries may have collectively caused the death.