International Women's Day, Google Doodle Celebrates Womanhood

International Women's Day, Google Doodle Celebrates Womanhood

International Women's Day doodle features Indian dancer, choreographer - Rukmini Devi.

NEW DELHI: Google's International Women's Day doodle honours female pioneers who have paved way for women, to where we are today. The doodle slideshow narrates a bedtime story, a collection of 13 tales of remarkable women, as told to a little girl by her grandmother. The girl then takes us through her version of three of the 13 tales that traces through centuries, circling the globe. So who are these women? They are women who fought their way through, pursuing a range of professions, hailing from various countries and an array of backgrounds.

The International Women's Day slideshow is a compilation of women who were featured individually in doodles from the past. Among the women are Indian dancer and choreographer Rukmini Devi.

The doodle also features Ida Wells - American Journalist and Civil rights activist, Frida Kahlo - Mexican painter and activist, Lina Bo Bardi - Italian-born Brazilian architect, Olga Skorokhodova - Sovient scientist and researcher, Miriam Makeba - South African singer and civil rights activist, Sally Ride - American astronaut and the first woman in space, Halet Cambel - Turkish archaeologist and the first Muslim to compete in the Olympics and Ada Lovelace-English mathematician and world's first computer programmer among others.

One can date the journey of International Women's Day to an incident in 1908, when a group of women demanding fair pay, better working conditions and the right to vote, gathered in New York and then in 1911, when the first official International Women's Day rally was held across Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. Years later, we continue to celebrate womanhood and their journey through time.
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