This Article is From Mar 24, 2023

Video: How Amritpal Singh's Bodyguards Got Weapons Training

According to an arrested aide, Amritpal Singh had formed a militia called the Anandpur Khalsa Force.

Amritpal Singh has been on the run since last week.


Amritpal Singh, the radical Sikh preacher who has been on the run for a week, had a highly organised network to train recruits in his protection force, with extensive weapons training and target practice, one of his arrested aides has told the police.

Punjab Police have arrested Tejinder Singh Gill, one of Singh's bodyguards, who has revealed how he used to train recruits in firing weapons.

According to him, Amritpal Singh had formed a militia called the Anandpur Khalsa Force. A makeshift shooting range was made in his village, Jallupur Khera.

All bodyguards and members of the militia underwent arms training and target practice, and they were given ranks according to seniority, he has said.

The Punjab police have found videos of the arms training that show Amritpal Singh's followers firing weapons in a forested area.

Meanwhile, on the seventh day of the massive manhunt for Singh, Haryana Police said it has stepped up vigil across the state and its personnel have been put on alert after his last location was traced in the Kurukshetra district.

However, the whereabouts of Amritpal Singh and his associate Papalpreet Singh remains unknown.

They were allegedly sheltered by a woman at her home in Kurukshetra district's Shahabad on March 19.

A senior Punjab police official on Thursday said, "As soon as we came to know that he has sneaked out of Punjab, we immediately alerted the other states."

Senior Haryana police officer Mamta Singh Friday said there is no further input about where Amritpal went from Shahabad.

"So far, there is no other input. However, we are on alert and keeping a watch," Ms Singh told news agency PTI over the phone.

Last month, Amritpal Singh and his supporters, some of them brandishing swords and guns, broke through barricades and forced their way into a police station on the outskirts of Amritsar city, and clashed with police for the release of one of the preacher's aides.

Last week, the Punjab Police launched a crackdown against Amritpal Singh and elements of his outfit 'Waris Punjab De'.

Amritpal Singh, however, gave the police a slip and escaped when his cavalcade was intercepted in the Jalandhar district.