This Article is From Aug 10, 2022

Horror From Odisha: Man Forced To Lick Feet Of Another Person, Video Leaves Internet Fuming

The shameful incident took place at a drug de-addiction centre in Odisha's Mayurbhanj last year.

The man with disability was tortured by two men at a drug de-addiction centre in Odisha.

A horrific video has emerged on Twitter from Mayurbhanj in Odisha, which shows a man with disability being tortured by two people. The clip shows one of the men with a stick forcing the victim to lick the feet of another person. The video has shocked Twitter users, with many asking for strict action against the two men. The police said the incident took place at a drug de-addiction centre and the two men have been arrested.

The video shows the man with disability sitting on the ground and crying after being asked to lick the feet of a person. Another man in a red vest is roaming around with a stick in his hand. He pleads to the man to spare him, but he threatens the victim of dire consequences if he refuses to follow the orders. Meanwhile, the other man is seen with his bare feet close to the victim's face.

Helpless, the victim finally licks the feet of the person wearing a yellow t-shirt. After the demeaning act, he tries to clean his tongue but is again threatened by the person with the stick, who grabs his hair and forces him to lick the feet a couple of times.

The two men are seen having an argument after committing the shameful act. The rest of the de-addiction centre occupants are too scared to say anything and are seen line up behind the man with disability.

As the video started gaining traction, Superintendent of Police (SP), Mayurbhanj, tweeted to inform the incident took place at a drug de-addiction centre last year. The SP's office also said that a case has been registered.

"We have duly registered a case in this regard and both the accd persons have been arrested and will be forwarded to the court. Concerned authorities are being moved to close these de-addiction centres. It is also stated here that this is an year old incident," said the tweet from Mayurbhanj SP.

KK Hariprasad, the sub-divisional police officer, Baripada (Mayurbhanj) said the incident took place in July last year and the two men seen in the video have now been arrested.

"A case has been filed against the under sections 341 (wrongfully restraining a person), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 324 (voluntarily causing hurt by a weapon or substance), 307 (attempt to murder) and 34 of the Indian penal Code (IPC)," he added.

The Twitter users not only slammed the heinous crime, but the delay by the police in taking action.

"Everyday one or the other such videos emerge from different parts of our country and we call ourselves a civilised nation with thousands years of history etc etc Ashamed of that history if this is the way we treat our own," a user said on Twitter.

"If this is an year old incident why is the action being taken only now? If this incident became known only now, what about the center staff who witnessed this but didn't report?" asked another.

Others called it an "inhuman behaviour".