Fact Check: Did A Person Cast 5 Consecutive Votes To BJP In Assam

According to ANI, a formula for "one year each" as Prime Minister for the top leaders of the political parties, according to the number of Lok Sabha seats their respective parties win, is being worked out.

Fact Check: Did A Person Cast 5 Consecutive Votes To BJP In Assam

The INDIA bloc has not projected its PM face for the 2024 general elections.

New Delhi:

Did a person cast five consecutive votes for the BJP candidate in the Karimganj Lok Sabha constituency of Assam, during the second phase of the elections on April 26, 2024? A fact-checking website answered this question.

The archived version of the tweet can be seen here.


Newschecker first ran a keyword search for "Karimganj voter fraud", which led us to a News9 report, dated April 28, 2024, stating that the viral video, which triggered a political firestorm, was said to be shot during a mock poll, prompting a show-cause notice from the District Election Officer (DEO) to the polling officials. 

A relevant keyword search led the fact-checker to this press release from the District Election Officer, Karimganj, posted by the official Twitter handle of the District Commissioner, Karimganj, on April 28, 2024.

"A video is being shared on the social media where it is seen that few persons are casting votes in favour of BJP Candidate on 26th April...On receiving this complaint, matter was brought during scrutiny...as per statement of Presiding Officer Shri, Nazrul Haque Tapadar, the said video was taken during mock poll and later on CRC (Close Result Clear) was done before the start of the Actual Poll. Same is also corroborated by the statements of persons visible in the shared video namely Abdul Sahid S/o Ajimuddinn, Vill - Chenjur who is Polling agent of Abdul Hameed, independent candidate," read the press release.

Another press release was issued by the DEO, dated April 28, 2024, reiterating that the video was taken only during the mock poll and not related to the actual polling, where there were no violations of procedure.

"This was also confirmed and clarified during the scrutiny process which happened at 11 AM 27th April 2024 in the presence of General Observer and Contesting Candidates. However, it is further clarified that the said incident during the mock poll was a gross violation of ECI instructions on the prohibition of carrying mobile phones inside the polling station.

Independent candidate Abdul Hameed, whose polling agent was seen in the video, reportedly attributed the incident to the negligence of polling officials who allegedly left the EVMs unattended during breakfast hours. "Abdul Sahid informed me that the video was recorded for amusement before the start of the election at around 6:30 am," Hameed told ETV Bharat, which further confirms that it was not taken during the actual poll on Friday.

The Election Commission of India, too, debunked the viral video in a tweet, dated April 29, 2024, terming the allegation as "false and misleading".

(This story was originally published by NewsChecker, and republished by NDTV as part of the Shakti Collective.)