Exclusive: What Will Markets Be Like After June 4? PM Modi Says...

In an exclusive interview to NDTV, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the financial markets will set new records come June 4

PM Narendra Modi speaks to NDTV in an exclusive interview

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an exclusive interview to NDTV said his government has undertaken the maximum and sustained economic reforms for the past 10 years. The Prime Minister's comments come amid the Lok Sabha elections as he looks to win a third term.

He indicated the financial markets will set new records after June 4 - the day the Election Commission will count the votes of the seven-phase Lok Sabha elections.

In the exclusive interview to NDTV Editor-In-Chief Sanjay Pugalia, PM Modi said the BJP government in the Centre has always encouraged and launched pro-entrepreneurship policies.

"We have done the maximum economic reforms, and encouraged pro-entrepreneurship policies," PM Modi said. He agreed many young people are becoming investors, which will benefit the markets.

"I believe citizens should have some risk-taking capacity as they become more experienced investors," PM Modi said.

He cited the examples of shares of several public sector undertakings (PSU) that have risen in recent times. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, or HAL, for example, is on a "stellar run" as its stock reached a record high on massive profits, PM Modi said.

"Imagine they (Opposition) tried to create fear among workers, but look how well HAL is doing," the Prime Minister said.

The government-owned defence major HAL on Thursday reported a 52 per cent jump in net profit to Rs 4,308 crore for the January-March quarter of 2023-24. The company's revenue from operations rose 18 per cent to Rs 14,768.70 crore in the fourth quarter from Rs 12,494 crore in the same period last year.

"It's not in my habit to work only for media attention... I don't work in small measures. I like to work in a big, comprehensive way," PM Modi told NDTV, explaining his vision for efficiency in governance. "I had said this from the Red Fort, and I say this again - this is our time. This is the time of Bharat. We cannot let go of this opportunity," he said.