This Article is From Nov 06, 2019

Delhi Police Vs Lawyers Highlights: Police Announces Compensation Of Rs 25,000 For Those Injured At Tis Hazari

Delhi Police today launched a massive protest outside their headquarters protesting the clashes that took place on Saturday at the Tis Hazari court complex.

Delhi Police Vs Lawyers Highlights: Police Announces Compensation Of Rs 25,000 For Those Injured At Tis Hazari

Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik addressing protesting cops outside Delhi Police Headquarters

New Delhi:

Delhi was today witness to an unprecedented protest by police men who gheraoed their headquarters following clashes between the police and lawyers on Saturday at the Tis Hazari court complex. In the evening, the families of the policemen organised a candle-light vigil at the India Gate. On Monday, another police officer was beaten up by lawyers out the Saket District Court, the video of which had gone viral on the internet.

On Saturday the police and lawyers clashed over a parking spot dispute which soon spiraled out of control as vehicles were set ablaze and vandalised during the clashes. 2 cops were suspended by the Delhi High Court and a judicial probe was ordered. 

Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal today held a meeting at his home with the Delhi Chief Secretary to review the situation. A report was submitted by the police to the home ministry. By evening, the police from Haryana, Bihar and several other states extended support to their colleagues in Delhi.

Here are the highlights of the police protest:

Nov 05, 2019 20:57 (IST)
Demands Will Be Fulfiled, No Action Over Protesting, Delhi Policemen Told
The police personnel who were protesting at the Police Head Quarters (PHQ) in Delhi over the Tis Hazari incident have been assured that their demands will be fulfilled. Also, no action will be taken against them for the agitation, said Devesh Chandra Srivastava, Joint Commissioner of Police (Southern Range) on Tuesday
Nov 05, 2019 20:49 (IST)
Policemen In Delhi End 11-Hour Protest Over Assault By Lawyers: 10 Facts
The unprecedented protests by policemen in Delhi that started this morning ended after nearly 11 hours after assurances of action from Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal and the top police officers. The clashes between the police and lawyers that started over the weekend had spun out of control as more than a thousand policemen gathered outside the Delhi police headquarters, demanding justice and protection. Service rules bar policemen from holding protests; the unprecedented demonstration had the Centre on its toes and caught the attention of the courts. The Delhi High Court issued notice to the top lawyers' bodies -- the Bar Councils of India and Delhi. The home ministry called for a report. After a meeting in the evening, Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal assured action. The police from Haryana and Bihar extended support to their colleagues in Delhi
Nov 05, 2019 20:02 (IST)
Congress Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala On Delhi Police Protest
"Delhi police personnel are demanding justice, have been protesting for 10 hours. So are their relatives. Where is Amit Shah? Why isn't he finding a solution to this? What is happening in Delhi? Lawyers are being shot, cops are being thrashed. If this continues, what will happen to Law & Order in Delhi and the nation? A proof of Amit Shah and BJP's failure, their leadership has failed. Amit Shah should give a statement. Is this BJP's New India? People are now saying 'Modiji hain, to yeh bhi mumkin hai'"
Nov 05, 2019 18:45 (IST)
Special Commissioner of Police RS Krishnia announces Rs 25,000 to those injured in clashes
Special Commissioner of Police RS Krishnia addresses the protesting policemen. He said all policemen injured in the Tis Hazari clashes will be given an ex-gratia amount of Rs 25,000. He also said action will be taken against the culprits. At the end, he appealed to the protesters to peacefully resume work at their posts like a disciplined force. 
Nov 05, 2019 18:06 (IST)
Anil Baijal appeals to maintain law and order
Anil Baijal appealed to all concerned to maintain harmony and law and order. He also advised the senior officers to assure the police personnel that no injustice shall be allowed to be done to any member of the force.
Nov 05, 2019 18:05 (IST)
Anil Baijal directs Delhi Chief Secretary, Delhi Police Chief to ensure the injured are treated well
Anil Baijal directed the Delhi Chief Secretary to ensure that best possible medical treatment is provided to the injured advocates as per the high court order. He also directed the Police Commissioner to ensure that the police officers injured are also provided best medical treatment free of cost and advised that senior officers should visit the injured policemen to boost their morale and comfort their families. Further, suitable ex-gratia compensation be given to the injured officers of Delhi Police as well.
Nov 05, 2019 17:54 (IST)
Advocates, Police are important pillars of justice system, Lieutenant Governor observed
Emergency meet between Delhi Chief Secretary and  Lieutenant Governor (LG) is over. 

The LG observed that advocates and police are important pillars of criminal justice system who should work in complete harmony. In the wake of the recent unfortunate incident, it is imperative to restore the trust between the two and also to ensure that justice is done impartially in the entire matter.
Nov 05, 2019 17:51 (IST)
Manish Sisodia says the conflict should have been "handled well"
"Entire episode is unfortunate. On one side, there are police personnel who provide security to the common man & on other side are the lawyers that ensure justice to them. Conflict between them, should have been avoided or handled well," said Manish Sisodia as reported by ANI. 
Nov 05, 2019 17:47 (IST)
IAS Association "Strongly Condemned" the action against police
IAS Association condemned the action against the police at Tis Hazari Court and hoped that the culprits will be brought to justice. They tweeted, "We strongly condemn the cowardly action perpetrated against the police personnel at Tis Hazari Court. We stand by our colleagues in their time of distress and hope the culprits are brought to justice soon."

Nov 05, 2019 17:17 (IST)
Families of cops protest at India Gate

The families of pretesting police personnel are now observing a candle-light vigil at India Gate in Delhi.
Nov 05, 2019 16:45 (IST)
Delhi High Court issues notices to Bar Council of India after police protest
Delhi High Court takes cognisance of Delhi Police protest out their headquarters and issues notice to Bar Council of India and Delhi Bar Councils. The matter has been posted for 3 pm tomorrow.
Nov 05, 2019 15:32 (IST)
"We need you" placards with Kiran Bedi's photo at Delhi Police protest

Delhi Police officials hold placard with a picture of former Delhi senior police Kiran Bedi that reads "We need you" outside the Police Head Quarters in Delhi. They also raised slogans about her: "Hamari CP kaisa ho? Kiran Bedi jaisa ho!"
Nov 05, 2019 15:07 (IST)
Delhi Police submits Tis Hazari clash report to Home Ministry
The Union Home Ministry on Tuesday received a report from Delhi Police on the clashes between lawyers and police at the Tis Hazari court complex in which at least 20 security personnel and several advocates were injured, officials said as reported by PTI. 
Nov 05, 2019 14:10 (IST)
Country is on the "verge of disorder, if not anarchy", tweeted ex BSF chief Prakash Singh
Padma Shri Prakash Singh, who served as the BSF chief and as the chief of Assam and UP Police tweeted,"A country where policemen are being thrashed almost every week in one district or the other can be said to be on the verge of disorder, if not anarchy."

Nov 05, 2019 14:06 (IST)
"Shameful," tweets former Delhi top cop
Former Police Commissioner of Delhi Neeraj Kumar slammed the leadership for the fallout. On twitter, he wrote: "I fully agree. No leadership, no camaraderie. If one member of the team has been overpowered by goons, let him fend for himself. Everyone else will enjoy the spectacle, even if he is beaten to death. Police leaders in hiding lest any onus comes on them. Shameful"

Nov 05, 2019 13:58 (IST)
Delhi Lt Governor to meet Delhi Police officers
Delhi LG Anil Baijal has called for a meeting with Delhi Police officials to discuss the current situation. 
Nov 05, 2019 13:56 (IST)
Randeep Surjewala hits out at PM Modi, Amit Shah over Delhi Police protest
Randeep Surjewala hits out at Amit Shah over the protests by Delhi Police officers who have gheraoed their headquarters. Calling the protest a mockery of law and order system, the Congress leader tweeted, "72 साल में पहली बार दिल्ली पुलिस ने दिल्ली पुलिस का मुख्यालय घेरा, पुलिस कर रही विरोध प्रदर्शन। क़ानून व्यवस्था का निकला जनाजा। गृह मंत्री, श्री अमित शाह कहाँ गुम हैं?"

Nov 05, 2019 13:41 (IST)
"Mockery of the system," tweets Karnataka IPS Officer D Roopa
D Roopa, who is the Inspector General of Police, Railways tweeted the video of the police officer being beaten up outside Saket district court. Calling the incident a "mockery of the system", she called for strict actions against the perpetrators of such violence. She tweeted, "Mockery of the system. I only wish people at helm of affairs take strictest action. Else morale of the force suffers n will embolden hooligans to take law into their hands."

Nov 05, 2019 13:30 (IST)
"Saddened," tweets former Jammu and Kashmir DGP
Shesh Paul Vaid, former DGP of Jammu and Kashmir, tweeted in support of the protesting police officers. He wrote: "Saddened to see such treatment meted out to Police officers who spend their entire lives protecting civil society and maintaining law & order."

Nov 05, 2019 13:27 (IST)
"Being a cop is a thankless job," Kiren Rijiju said in a tweet which he later deleted
The now-deleted tweet read, "Being a cop is a thankless job. But they don't do it for thanks. Police officers put their lives on the line every day. They are damned if they do, and damned even if they don't. What gets lost in all the anti-police rhetoric is the family left at home while a policeman serves."
Nov 05, 2019 13:23 (IST)
Delhi Police Chief tells protesting officers to "behave like a disciplined force"
"We have to behave like a disciplined force. The government and the people expect us to uphold the law, it is our big responsibility. I urge you to resume duty," Delhi Police Chief Amulya Patnaik said, adding that concerns would be addressed.
Nov 05, 2019 13:17 (IST)
Indian Police Service tweets "in solidarity", condemns attack on colleagues in Delhi
The Indian Police Service Association tweeted in support of the agitating police officers ans wrote, "Incident involving police & lawyers unfortunate. All  should take a balanced view of it based on facts in public domain. Countrywide, police stands in solidarity with those police personnel subjected to physical assault & humiliation. Condemn all attempts to break law, by anyone!"