Over 900 COVID-19 Deaths In India In 4 Days: Data Shows Dramatic Rise

The rising numbers are a worrying sign as the centre and states have been opening the economy locked down for weeks.

Over 900 COVID-19 Deaths In India In 4 Days: Data Shows Dramatic Rise

COVID-19: The centre had last month withdrawn restrictions on movement (File)

New Delhi:

India reported first 1,000 deaths due to coronavirus in 48 days since the government started collating data on the pandemic. Now the same number is reported in around four days, an analysis of the Health Ministry's data on COVID-19 shows, highlighting the spread of the pandemic in the country over weeks.

The scale of total cases of coronavirus has also risen dramatically - India reported crossing the 25,000-mark in 87 days on April 26, but this number is rising at a rapid pace. The tally took six weeks to reach 2,26,770.

First 25,000 coronavirus cases took 87 days, now TAking only Few days
DateCase CountTime Taken
April 2626,49687 days
May 752,95211 days
May 1478,0037 days
May 191,01,1395 days
May 231,25,1014 days
May 271,51,7674 days
May 311,82, 1434 days
June 32,07,6153 days
June 52,26,7702 days

India had reported its first death because of the virus on March 12. The number crossed the 1,000-mark on April 29. In a few weeks, the country's total figure reached 6,075; over 900 deaths were reported in just four days till June 4.

First 1,000 deaths took 48 days, now taking just four days
DateDeath CountTime Taken
March 12First death
April 291,008 deaths48 days
May 102,109 deaths11 days
May 183029 deaths8 Days
May 254021 deaths7 Days
May 315164 deaths6 Days
June 46075 deaths4 Days

The rising numbers are a worrying sign as the centre and states have been opening the economy, locked down for weeks amid the pandemic.

The centre on Thursday announced new rules for allowing shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and places of worship to open as part of what it calls "Unlock 1". The guidelines, which will come into effect from Monday, include measures like staggering visitors to malls and no touching of idols at religious places. Detailed rules were also issued for offices which have been allowed to reopen over the past few weeks. All establishments that come under containment zones, however, will remain closed as announced earlier.

Temperature screenings will be a must at entrances and visitors will be allowed only if they use face cover or masks which should be worn at all times inside, the Health Ministry said in its guidelines. Cinema halls, gaming arcades and children play areas in these establishments will remain closed, it added.

The government has also withdrawn restrictions on inter and intra-district movement of people and goods. Several states, however, because of the fear of the coronavirus spread, have maintained status quo.

The government last month allowed domestic air travel after two months of the lockdown.

Experts say that easing restrictions may lead to a sudden rise in coronavirus cases in the country, but the centre - facing financial distress due to the shutting down of the economy for weeks - says people will have to learn to live with the virus.