Congress Scared To Promote Young Leaders, PM Modi Says At Telangana Rally

In his address, PM Modi also said the "dynastic parties" were targeting him as he was exposing their "scams worth several thousands of crores of rupees".

Congress Scared To Promote Young Leaders, PM Modi Says At Telangana Rally

PM Modi addressed a rally in Sangareddy.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday attacked the Congress, saying it was "scared" to promote young leaders and appeared to take a veiled dig at AICC President Mallikarjun Kharge when he said the party was appointing people over 75-80 years.

PM Modi, who addressed a BJP rally here, arrived at the venue in an open-top four-wheeler and was given a grand welcome by the people who strew flower petals on him.

In his address, PM Modi also said the "dynastic parties" were targeting him as he was exposing their "scams worth several thousands of crores of rupees." PM Modi said he never made any personal attack but raised his voice against dynasty politics.

The "Congress and its friends" were now abusing him and his 'family' - the people as he was keen to implement the 'guarantee' given to the public.

"When I opposed dynasty (politics) as it is dangerous to democracy and prevents new opportunities for youth, they don't respond to that but say Modi has no family," he said.

Taking potshots at Congress, he said the party never promoted anyone below aged 50.

"Congress was not 'parivarvadi' (dynastic) earlier. It doesn't promote anyone below 50 years, since it became dynastic. If they have to appoint someone, they will appoint someone who is 75-80 year old, 85 years. They are afraid that if a 50 year old comes and overtakes, what will happen to the family," PM Modi said.

From Jammu and Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, wherever family-run parties are ruling, those states are 'ruined'.

Those families have become stronger, but not the states. Should these family-run politics be allowed to continue, he asked.

Such family-run parties are anti-democratic, anti-talent and anti-youth, he charged.

When he points out about dynastic politics, "they say Modi doesn't not have a family." "Have dynasts got licence to steal? Your family, then is it free to encroach on power? I have seen a chief minister whose 50 nearones were on top posts in that state. Is this democracy?," he said.

On top of it, the dynasts say theirs is an ideological fight with Modi, he said.

If it is an ideological fight, then the dynasts say "family first", while he says "nation first", PM Modi said.

Further, making a distinction between the dynasts and himself, he said family is everything for them, while every family in the country is everything for him.

The dynasts sacrificed the country's interest for their families' well-being, while he dedicated himself for national interest, PM Modi said.

The dynasts looted the country, while he spent the salary he received from the government on people whenever there was an opportunity, he said.

When in government, the 'parivarvadis' (dynasts) receive gifts and make their black money into white through the gifts, while he deposits the 'gifts' received by him in 'toshakhana' (treasure house), he said.

The dynasts open accounts in foreign banks, but Modi got "Jan Dhan' accounts for crores of common people, he said.

The dynasts built 'mahals" (palatial houses) for their families, but he has not even built a house for himself till today, PM Modi stated.

As he is working tirelessly in nation building, the dynasts who are upset talk about him not having a family but they forget that the 140 crore countrymen are his family members, he said.

Congress and the INDI alliance people cannot even 'guess' that crores of people consider him as a member of their family, PM Modi said.

He also said the work that happened in the last 10 years for the welfare of Dalits and the most backward sections did not happen in 70 years.

Hitting out at the ruling Congress and the BRS in Telangana,he said they are like two sides of the same coin.

Telangana people would say whether there is an understanding between BRS and Congress, but the world knows about the 'ghotala bandhan' (bond of scams) between BRS and Congress is very solid, he alleged.

Both BRS and Congress give 'cover fire' to each other in loot of Telangana as per 'ghotala bandhan', he charged.

Though BRS functionaries 'looted' crores of rupees from farmers by doing Kaleshwaram project 'scam', the ruling Congress is suppressing files instead of ordering probe on the scandals of BRS, he alleged.

He further alleged that Congress has made Telangana its new ATM.

But, the game of giving cover fire to each other would not go on for long because "surgical strike and also air strike happens in Modi government", he said.

But, he needs people's blessings for that, he said.

Observing that "Modi realises what he says", the PM said the country has emerged as a ray of hope in the world and reaching greater heights.

He highlighted abolition of Article 370, construction of Lord Ram temple in Ayodhya and the country emerging as the fastest growing economy as some of the achievements of his government.

"I am giving you a guarantee today. In the next few years, we will make India the third largest economy in the world," he said.

Union Minister and state BJP president G Kishan Reddy and other BJP leaders were present on the occasion.

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