"BJP Reading Manifesto Written By Ghosts?" P Chidambaram On Mangalsutra Jibe

Speaking exclusively to NDTV, Mr Chidambaram said the Congress manifesto is being talked about across the country.

'BJP Reading Manifesto Written By Ghosts?' P Chidambaram On Mangalsutra Jibe

The former finance minister also termed the comments made by BJP leaders "completely imaginary".

New Delhi:

Hitting back at the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi over their claims that his party intends to redistribute wealth and that even women's 'mangalsutras' were under threat, Congress leader P Chidambaram has challenged them to show even one mention of any such promise in the manifesto. 

Mr Chidambaram also said such claims were possibly being made because his party's manifesto was a well-considered one while the BJP's was a document of cult worship. 

Speaking exclusively to NDTV on Wednesday, the head of Congress' manifesto committee, said, "All that the BJP has been saying for the past three or four days, especially from the Prime Minister downwards, is absolute rubbish. Show me one word called redistribution anywhere in the manifesto, which runs to 45 pages. Show me the phrase ' redistribute the wealth' anywhere. Unless they are reading a manifesto written by ghosts, hired by the BJP, in invisible ink; it's not in our manifesto."

To a question on Sam Pitroda, Chairman of the Overseas Congress, stirring up a controversy by terming the inheritance law in the US "interesting", the former finance minister only said that it does not appear in the manifesto and that he himself had not spoken about it. 

'Completely Imaginary'

On the PM's claim that the Congress planned to give reservation to Muslims at the expense of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and OBCs, Mr Chidambaram said, "Where is that in the manifesto? All the statements made by the BJP leaders in the last four days are completely imaginary. They must show where this is in the manifesto. I have been challenging them publicly."

The former finance minister asserted that the Congress has done its math and is confident that every promise made in its manifesto can be fulfilled over the term of a government.

"Last time, when we said we would waive agricultural loans, we were ridiculed and told that there is no money, but our government waived such loans to the tune of Rs 60,000 crore. When we started the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, we were again asked, 'Where is the money?', but we implemented it and the BJP has continued it. We found the money for it, and so has the BJP," he said.

Emphasising that the Congress manifesto, which promises justice to different sections of society, is being talked about across the country, he said the BJP's document is not even a manifesto but is called 'Modi Ki Guarantee'.

"In fact, the entire document is cult worship. They have nothing comparable to our programme, our promises. Our manifesto has become the talking point throughout India. Unfortunately, the BJP's 'Modi Ki Guarantee' vanished without a trace in about two hours. Therefore, they are inventing imaginary stories and attacking us," he said.