This Article is From Nov 22, 2021

Cars Under Water As Bengaluru, Chennai Neighbourhoods Flooded After Rain

Water entered several homes in the Manali area of Tamil Nadu's capital Chennai, while Karnataka's capital city Bengaluru saw heavy flooding overnight that left several cars partially submerged.

A car was found partially submerged in an inundated underpass in Bengaluru today.


Several cars were found submerged under water in northern Bengaluru, just as pockets of northern Chennai's Manali saw heavy waterlogging, after torrential rains over the past few days caused severe flooding in these areas.

Visuals from Karnataka's capital city showed a car partially under water in an inundated underpass, with a man sitting atop its hood while another waded waist-deep through the water, struggling to drag the submerged vehicle out of the flooded area.

Bengaluru saw heavy flooding overnight as the Allalasandra lake overflowed, inundating the lake's surrounding areas. Several roads in northern Bengaluru were left severely waterlogged as a result of last night's downpour.

The Yelahanka, Nagavara, Kogilu Cross and Vidyaranyapura areas of the city were particularly affected by the rain. In Yelahanka, 153 mm of rain fell in the last 24 hours alone, contributing to the area's heavy waterlogging. The same area received a visit from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), who arrived in the neighbourhood to service an apartment that saw water enter its premises.

Meanwhile, water entered multiple homes in Manali, an industrial pocket of Tamil Nadu's capital. Many parts of the neighbourhood in northern Chennai were heavily inundated due to excess discharge from the Kosasthalaiyar river.

Surplus water overflowing from the neighbouring city of Chittoor -- one of the worst affected areas in the rain that hit Andhra Pradesh on Saturday -- also contributed to the overnight deluge, as water from the Poondi reservoir in Tamil Nadu's Thiruvallur district, filled to capacity, was released beyond 3000 cubic feet per second a few days back. However, discharge from the Poondi reservoir has now been reduced, authorities said today.

Boats have also been deployed in some areas of northern Chennai to deal with the situation.

The rains in Bengaluru and Chennai arrived on the heels of heavy flooding in Andhra Pradesh that left 24 people dead and many missing as of Saturday, as well as cut off the main rail and road routes in the state on Sunday.

The South has been hit by a deluge of rain over the past couple weeks as a depression from the Bay of Bengal recently crossed between the Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh coasts, causing heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding in multiple states including Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh in the process.