This Article is From Jun 06, 2015

NDTV Exclusive: 'PM Wants Revenge for Delhi; Lt Governor is BJP Polling Agent,' Says Arvind Kejriwal

This is Arvind Kejriwal's first interview since he became the Chief Minister of Delhi

New Delhi: In his first interview since becoming Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has launched a scathing attack on the Delhi Lieutenant Governor and the BJP government at the Centre. Mr Kejriwal, in an exclusive interview with NDTV, said that the BJP and PM Narendra Modi have been unable to digest defeat in Delhi and have been trying to strike revenge on the people of Delhi via the Lieutenant Governor. While accusing the Lieutenant Governor of acting like a polling agent of the BJP, the Delhi Chief Minister said the Lieutenant Governor doesn't have time to meet Delhi ministers but will go crawling even at the call of Amit Shah's chowkidar. He also said that PM Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah must accept the fact that Delhi has voted the AAP to govern Delhi and only it will run the Capital and not the BJP by proxy.

Here are the highlights:
  • We have worked very hard. We are delivering on what we promised.
  • I am not angry with the media, I have been voted to do work.
  • People have voted for us so that we work, not to talk to the media.
  • Trying to minimize power cuts. Power availability will be highest this summer.
  • We have installed CCTV cameras in 200 buses on a trial basis.
  • In 100 days we have done a lot of work, we have worked day and night.
  • Biggest achievements are power supply, water, compensation to farmers... there are so many achievements.
  • Our good work in just 49 days won us 67 seats in Delhi.
  • We would have worked better had Delhi got full statehood.
  • When we (Lieutenant Governor and I) meet, we hug each other. It is not a personal fight.
  • I get a 'love letter' from the LG every 2-3 hours.
  • He has no time to meet our ministers but if Amit Shah's chowkidar(peon) calls the Lieutenant Governor , he will go crawling.
  • The union government targetting the AAP government via the Lieutenant Governor.
  • The LG says he wants to make all appointments, wants to control us. We will not be controlled.
  • Not the first time policemen from other states have been appointed on deputation.
  • Some TV channels ran that 40 officers had applied for transfer but we have no applications.
  • If some officer is unhappy with being posted in Delhi, we will transfer them immediately.
  • Arvind Kejriwal on locking out senior Delhi government official: 'Aisa Hota Hai' (Such things happen.)
  • Big picture is that the Delhi government has the right to transfer and post officers, people have given us a mandate.
  • Is the Lt Governor or the home minister our headmaster? Are we children?
  • Narendra Modi should realise that I'm not Rahul Gandhi.
  • 'We'll run Delhi and the BJP must accept that'.
  • We can't do without the media. If the government is doing good work, we need the media to take it to the people.
  • We have no enmity with the media. I accept that not everyone is alike. We respect honest journalists.
  • Arvind Kejriwal on the Prashant Bhushan-Yogendra Yadav saga: It is the past now.
  • On charges of being dictatorial: 'Sab bakwaas hai (it is all rubbish)'.
  • People in Delhi voted for us, so let us run Delhi.
  • Since the BJP lost in Delhi, they want revenge. This isn't correct.
  • If the Lt Governor takes one decision in my favour, he will be removed immediately. He has to save his job. So what can he do?
  • The way the state government is being dealt with in Delhi, it is an experiment by the BJP which will be extended to other states.
  • Delhi's governance is important for us. When there are elections in other states, the party will decide the strategy.
  • India has seen how the institution of the Governor can be misused by a dictatorial central government.
  • We have to pay Delhi Development Authority (DDA) 4 crores per acre to use land in Delhi for schools, hospitals, bus depots, and other projects of public interest.
  • We hope Maggi (Nestle) acts responsibly and removes their stock in 15 days.
  • When winters come, the muffler will be back.