PM Visits Arun Jaitley's Home Hours After Return From 3-Nation Tour

PM Modi visits Arun Jaitley's home after returning from a three-nation visit to France-UAE-Bahrain on Monday night.

PM Modi, Amit Shah meet Arun Jaitley's wife and children.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the home of Arun Jaitley this morning to pay his condolences, three days after the former union minister died at Delhi's AIIMS. PM Modi was on a three-nation visit to France-UAE-Bahrain when he received the news, and was reportedly asked not to cut short his visit when he spoke to Mr Jaitley's family to express his grief.

Mr Jaitley's funeral took place on Sunday. This morning, PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah visited Mr Jaitley's home in south Delhi and met with the veteran leader's wife and children.

The PM said the good work Mr Jaitley has done for India will remain immortal.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, the Prime Minister remembered his longtime friend and party colleague Mr Jaitley as "a fiery student leader" who was "at forefront of protecting our democracy" during the Emergency.

"BJP and Arun Jaitley Ji had an unbreakable bond. As a fiery student leader, he was at forefront of protecting our democracy during the Emergency. He became a much liked face of our Party, who could articulate the Party programmes and ideology to a wide spectrum of society," the Prime Minister had tweeted.

At an event in Bahrain, PM Modi became emotional during his speech and said he couldn't imagine that he was so far away while "my friend Arun" had gone.

"I am a man bound by duty. At a time when there is an environment of enthusiasm in Bahrain, at a time when our country is celebrating Janmashtami, I am here with deep sorrow in my heart. The friend with whom I walked together in public life, embarked on the political journey together, with whom I remained connected all the time, with whom I faced struggles, dreamt and fulfilled those dream, that friend Arun Jaitley, country's former defence and finance minister, died today," PM Modi said while addressing the Indian community at Bahrain.

Mr Jaitley, the chief troubleshooter of the BJP, is the second high profile loss for the ruling party after Sushma Swaraj, who died on August 6.