This Article is From Aug 19, 2011

Anna runs surrounded by cops at Rajghat

New Delhi: Anna Hazare was seen running at Rajghat, escorted by several policemen.

The anti-corruption activist was greeted by nearly 700 people when he arrived to pray at Mahatma Gandhi's memorial en route to Ramlila Maidan, where he later launched a mass-protest. (Watch)

It was drizzling steadily as Anna made his way through the crowd to Gandhi's Samadhi.  He had planned to spend a few minutes seated in prayer here but the police asked him to move out as the rain became heavier.

In a matter of seconds, it began to pour so the policemen at Rajghat   asked Anna, who is now on the fourth day of his hunger strike, to head to his car immediately.

Policemen were seen lifting Anna off the ground, holding him by his arms to help him reach his

Anna left Tihar Jail at 11.45 am and made his way atop a truck to Rajghat and India Gate before arriving at Ramlila Maidan. Thousands of supporters walked behind his truck, causing huge jams.

Some people at Rajghat complained of being pickpocketed. Mobile phones and shoes were reported stolen.