'Will Welcome Arvind Kejriwal on Stage': Anna Hazare to NDTV on Land Acquisition Protest: Highlights

Anti-Corruption Activist Anna Hazare speaks exclusively to NDTV

New Delhi:

Social activist Anna Hazare speaks exclusively to NDTV ahead of his protest against land ordinance. He will be holding a two-day protest at Jantar Mantar later this month against the recent amendments in the Land Acquisition Act by the Centre.

Here are the highlights from his interview:

  • This is an ordinance against the farmers
  • In an agri-prime country anybody and everybody should come together to protest against it.
  • I have spoken to Arvind Kejriwal, if he wants to contribute to the movement they are welcome.
  • I am going to meet Arvind Kejriwal on February 23.
  • Arvind Kejriwal is a Chief Minister, he cannot be treated like any ordinary citizen.
  • If all agree, will welcome Arvind Kejriwal on stage as Delhi chief minister.
  • Political parties manipulate such situations against each other. (Anna Hazare on Congress wanting to support his movement).
  • If Rahul Gandhi wants to come and sit within the common people, he can.
  • If chief ministers of any state want to come and be a part of our protest, they can.
  • This ordinance is against the farmers and in favour of corporates.
  • It seems to be 'Achhe Din' only for the corporates.
  • There should be a lokpal in every state.
  • I am not in touch with Baba Ramdev anymore.
  • I have not denied talking to Kiran Bedi.
  • As the head, PM Modi shouldn't have used the kind of language he did during the campaign.
  • I have decided that till I am alive, I will never take part in politics, nor will I support any party.
  • I would like to serve the country selflessly till my last breath.