This Article is From Aug 15, 2015

20 Lakh People Gave up Cooking Gas Subsidy, Says PM Modi

20 Lakh People Gave up Cooking Gas Subsidy, Says PM Modi

PM Modi addresses the nation on India's 69th Independence Day

New Delhi: Underscoring the importance of people's participation to make the government's efforts successful, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said at least 20 lakh people have surrendered their gas subsidy and Rs.15,000 crore had been saved due to introduction of direct benefit transfer in LPG subsidy.

In his address to the nation on the occasion of 69th Independence Day, PM Modi spoke about the importance of eradication of poverty and government schemes for the uplift of the poor. But it was the participation of the people that helped make such schemes a success, he said.

As examples, he cited the national cleanliness drive, which he had launched during his maiden address from the ramparts of the Red Fort last year.

The other example he cited was the surrender of the LPG connection by at least 20 lakh people under the "Give it up" scheme in response to his call earlier this year. The subsidy that people will give up, will "go a long way in benefitting the poor people," he had said in March.

Today, he said, "We got the LPG gas subsidy under direct cash benefit transfer... We used the Jan Dhan Yojana and Aadhar cards... Because of this middlemen and black marketeers have been hit," he said.

"We corrected the system and Rs.15,000 crore, which was stolen every year in the name of gas subsidy, has been saved," PM Modi said.