This Article is From Jun 04, 2022

On CCTV, Hyderabad Teen Exits Pub Before Horrific Assault

Security footage shows the girl leaving with the boys between 5 pm and 6 pm in the evening. They are all gathered outside the pub in daylight.

On CCTV, Hyderabad Teen Exits Pub Before Horrific Assault

The police are also investigating how the club gave access to minors and whether they had alcohol.


Shortly before a 17-year-old girl was gang-raped by schoolboys inside an Innova car in Hyderabad last week, she was seen in security footage standing with the suspected attackers outside the pub where she had met them.

The boys had offered to drop her home. Instead, she was assaulted inside a parked Innova at Jubilee Hills, an upscale neighbourhood in Hyderabad. Her attackers took turns to rape her while the others stood guard outside the car.

The crime in the heart of the Telangana capital, allegedly involving children and grandchildren of politicians driving luxury cars, has triggered nationwide outrage.

No one has been arrested so far. A massive protest at a police station this evening saw shouting BJP workers being carried away by policemen.

Most of the accused are Class 11 and 12 students and all belong to "politically influential" families. The son of an AIMIM legislator was allegedly in the group, but the police say he left before the assault; he was apparently picked up by his brother and went to see off his uncle flying to the US. The BJP has alleged that the son of a Waqf Board official and the grandson of a minister are also believed to be involved.

"One of these accused happens to be an MLA's son of MIM party and another seems to be the son of a very important leader of the TRS party, the name till now unknown. And a Waqf Board chairman's son," said BJP spokesperson Krishna Sagar.

The police are investigating CCTV footage that shows the girl leaving with a few boys between 5 pm and 6 pm in the evening, when it's daylight. They are seen standing and chatting outside the pub for some time.

The girl hugs a friend, waves goodbye, and walks off with the boys.

The girl had gone to the party with a friend, who had left early. She then met this group.

After leaving the pub, the group went to a pastry shop, according to the police.

Later that evening, the girl was assaulted.

The boys later allegedly dropped the girl at the pub and left. She asked her father to pick her up.

When her father asked her about the injuries to her neck, she told him some boys had attacked her.

The police initially registered a case of "outraging modesty" based on the girl's father's complaint. It was changed to a rape case later.

"Her father approached us. According to whatever he told us we filed a case of outraging modesty and under POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences). He was not sure what happened, the girl was not in a position to reveal anything," police officer Joel Davis told NDTV.

When the girl was sent to women officers, she shared the full horror of that evening.

"She could not reveal identity of the accused. She only had one name. Based on footage and technical evidence, we are looking for the suspects," Mr Davis said.

The girl's father said in his complaint: "At about 5.30 pm, she was taken out of the pub by a few guys in a car. Later, they misbehaved with my daughter and assaulted her, she has minor injuries on her neck. Since then, my daughter has been in deep shock and has been unable to disclose what happened exactly," read the complaint.

The police are also investigating how minors were allowed in the pub and whether they had alcohol.

The manager of the pub said no one was allowed to drink or smoke in the party.

"The place was booked for a party by a person called Ishan for 150 people. But 30 more were added. We are hearing they all left together in the car and as per the police we know they had alcohol outside," the manager said.