This Article is From Nov 28, 2022

Cancer: Your Chemical-Based Hair Straightening Treatments Can Cause Uterine Cancer

Dr. Kiran shares the way chemical-based hair straightening treatments can be harmful to your body. Here's how.

Certain hair straightening treatments may cause uterine cancer

Many love experimenting with their hair. Then there are people who get their hair coloured and opt for chemical treatments. But, often, that can be dangerous for your body. The chemical-based hair treatments can leave an impact on your body that you cannot even imagine. Dermatologist Dr Kiran shares, “Hair straightening chemicals have been linked to an increased risk of uterine cancer.” Do refer to her video on Instagram.

Side-effects of hair-straightening treatments

She states, “Most of us are guilty of getting chemical-based hair straightening treatments at some point in our lives. But, did you know that apart from hair damage there is also another major risk involved with such treatments?”

She further explains, “Women who use chemical hair straighteners and relaxers may have a higher risk of uterine cancer, according to a new study from researchers at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).”

She says, “It's only a slightly increased risk but it's something that all of you should know before you go out and get your hair chemically straightened.” Instead, the health expert says that you must practise acceptance of your hair be it curly or wavy. Let's practise accepting it and healing it.

Dr Kiran often talks about the side effects of using chemicals on your hair. She says even colouring your hair can damage them in many ways. According to her, if you catch some skin infection after getting your hair coloured, do consult your skin doctor immediately. She suggests avoiding products with PPD or PPT since they could be very harmful to the skin. Also, it would be nice if you go for natural hair colour options such as vegetable, henna, or Kama Ayurveda hair colour. You can also perform patch tests of natural colours, just to make sure whether your skin reacts to it or not. Dr Kiran says that you must limit hair colouring as much as you can, or just focus on the roots.

Make healthy lifestyle choices and take care of your health.

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