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PTSD Awareness Day 2022: Can Exercise Help Reduce Symptoms?

PTSD Awareness Day 2022: Everything you need to know about exercising and its benefits to PTSD.

PTSD Awareness Day 2022: Can Exercise Help Reduce Symptoms?

PTSD Awareness Day 2022: Exercising elevates mood

Why is PTSD Awareness Day observed?

PTSD Awareness Day is observed on the 27th of June annually. This day helps us spread awareness of this condition. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition caused after a traumatic incident. PTSD causes flashbacks, and triggers and can be very hard to live with.

PTSD is often a prolonged response to something catastrophic or traumatic someone way have experienced. Suffering from PTSD severely affects one's physical and mental health. PTSD can impair one's mental or physical state.

What is the history?

PTSD was recognised as a disorder around 1915. The initial term used to define PTSD was ‘shell shock'. It helped categorise people who were expressing flashbacks and fear after World War I. Since then, PTSD has broadened its causes. Experiencing any kind of catastrophic event may make one prone to PTSD.

PTSD is the second most common mental disorder after depression. There are various medications and types of therapies that have been shown helpful in reducing the severity of this disorder. However, many question if exercising can help reduce PTSD symptoms?

Can exercise help reduce symptoms?

Many studies have shown positive responses to exercise being part of the routine of people suffering from PTSD. However, it is important to understand that exercising does not equate to professional treatment.

Exercising can improve and fasten pre-existing treatment responses. Certain places or exercises may also be a trigger for some people with PTSD hence it is ideal to be careful of your triggers.

How can exercising improve PTSD symptoms?

1. Improves overall health

Physical and mental health go hand in hand. Exercising helps improve our physical health. A healthy functioning heart, lungs, digestive system, immune system, etc. ensure better overall health. Suffering from PTSD can make it difficult for the affected person to properly care for themselves, exercising may help with this issue.

2. May improve medication's efficiency

Many people suffering from PTSD may be rejective of medicinal treatment. Even if they do consume medication, exercising can help their body better absorb the medicine's benefits. 

3. Boost happy hormones

As you may know, working out helps in the production of various happy hormones. Hormones such as dopamine and serotonin are released when we exercise. Exercising regularly energises the body as well as the mind and promotes overall improvement in mood. 

4. Reduce stress & anxiety

Exercising has been considered an effective solution to stress and anxiety. Besides promoting the production of happy feelings and elevating mood, exercising also helps reduce stress and anxiety.  

5. Helps cure depression

Similar to stress and anxiety, exercising has been shown to be effective when treating depression. It plays an integral part and may fasten treatment. Exercising along with proper diet and medication can show significant improvement in health.

6. May improve appetite

As discussed in the beginning, PTSD can hinder one's physical and mental health. Exercising causes hunger. This may help improve the appetites of PTSD patients.

In conclusion, our lifestyle can help us improve our overall health. While medication and proper treatment are necessary, exercising may pose helpful. Exercising may help fasten recovery. Exercising improves mood and promotes the production of happy hormones.

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