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Navratri 2019: 5 Quick And Easy Navratri Vrat Foods That Won't Interfere With Your Weight Loss Goals

Navratri 2019: Move over aloo, kuttu puri and sabudana kheer. This Navratri, try these sumptuous weight loss-friendly vrat foods by nutritionist Monisha Ashokan. From pumpkin cutlets to kuttu dosa, these foods will give an interesting, weight loss friendly twist to Nvaratri fasting.

Navratri 2019: 5 Quick And Easy Navratri Vrat Foods That Won't Interfere With Your Weight Loss Goals

Navratri 2019: Try pumpkin and sweet potato soup for Navratri vrat this time


  • Kuttu or buckwheat is commonly consumed as Navratri vrat foods
  • Navratri 2019: You can try kuttu dosa this time
  • Zuchhini pasta is weight loss friendly Navratri vrat food

Navratri 2019: Navratri is undoubtedly one of the most significant festivals in India. Every year, the festival is celebrated with great fervour in parts of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi and Maharashtra to name a few. Orissa, Bengal and Bihar celebrate Durga Puja in the same time. An essential part of Navratri 2019 celebrations is fasting. As part of Navratri fasting or Navratri vrat, devotees avoid eating grains, cereals and non-vegetarian foods. Some people also avoid consumption of onion and garlic as part of Navratri vrat. Pseudo grains like sabudana, makhana and buckwheat (kuttu aata) are commonly consumed as Navratri vrat foods.

Thus, it can be a tad bit difficult to decide what to consume as part of Navratri fasting foods. We speak to nutritionist Monisha Ashokan, who shares a few interesting foods you can have if you are fasting this Navratri. These foods are quick and easy to make.

Navratri 2019: Quick fasting foods you can try this Navratri

1. Pumpkin cutlets

Pumpkin is a commonly consumed vegetable during Navratri. People add them in kuttu puri or pakodas. However, you can try these pumpkin cutlets for a nice twist to your Navratri fasting foods. Peel off the skin from the pumpkin and cut it into small pieces. Cook it in a pressure cooker until pumpkin becomes soft and mushy. Drain excess water through a sieve. Now, take a pan and heat some oil. Add pumpkin, some samak rice flour, sendha namak or rock salt and cumin seeds (jeera). Cook until the mixture is dry and has the consistency of being shaped into cutlets. Take a non-stick pan and heat oil. Take pieces of pumpkin mixture and create a round shape to form cutlets. Fry them until both sides are cooked and slightly brown. They make for a perfect addition to your Navratri vrat foods this time. 


Pumpkin cutlets can be a delicious inclusion in your Navratri vrat meal plan
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2. Zucchini pasta

This low-carb pasta can be perfect for your weight loss goals even when you're fasting for Navratri. All you need to do is spiralise one medium-sizzed zucchini into thin shreads. Saute them in olive oil. Add some cherry tomatoes and baby spinach. Add rock salt and black pepper to taste. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese and mix well. Enjoy this zucchini pasta as a quick Navratri vrat food. It can be a great option if you feel monotonous with kuttu, aloo and other popular Navratri vrat foods. What's better is they can be added to weight loss, keto and low-carb diet as well.


Zucchini pasta can make for a low-carb Navratri vrat food
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3. Buckwheat or kuttu dosa with mint chutney

Now this is something interesting shared by Monisha Ashokan. Healthier than deep fried or oily kuttu rotis, this kuttu dosa can make for a quick and perfect Navratri vrat meal. Prepare batter with kuttu flour and water. Add pinch of rock salt and black pepper. Take a non-stick pan and put it on low flame. Pour some batter on the pan and spread it like a dosa. Cook it on each side until it become brown and crispy. Sprinkle water on the pan if you feel the batter is sticking to it. Fold from each side once properly cooked. Eat it hot with homemade mint chutney. Navratri vrat food like Kuttu dosa has lesser calories than deep fried kuttu puri, and can be included in weight loss diet as well.  

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4. Pumpkin and sweet potato soup

You can never go wrong with pumpkin and sweet potato soup! Preheat oven at 160 C / 320 F and roast pumpkin and sweet potato for about 40 mins to make them soft and mushy. Take a deep saucepan and add 1 tsp olive oil. Add curry powder, bay leaves, pealed and roasted pumpkin and sweet potato. Stir and cook well. Add some water and simmer for 20 minutes. Let it cool for a while, remove bay leaves and blend with a hand blender. Return to stove, add milk but do not boil. Heat until it reaches boiling point. Add rock salt and black pepper to taste.


Pumpkin and sweet potato soup can make for a filling Navratri vrat food
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5. Sweet potato chaat

Here's another interesting twist to the otherwise simple Navratri vrat food. Steam some sweet potato, add lemon, rock salt and pepper to it. You can have it like a full-fledged meal with salad for dinner during Navratri.

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(These Navratri vrat foods are suggested by Monisha Ashokan, nutritionist at Nourish Me)

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