This Article is From Jun 28, 2022

Is Your Child Slouching? Here Are Exercises To Correct It

Bad posture in children can cause long-term damage to their health. Here are some easy exercises that can improve your child's posture.

Is Your Child Slouching? Here Are Exercises To Correct It

Practicing stretching exercises can better your kid's posture

Is your kid slouching? Besides affecting their posture, slouching might cause various other health complications. Studies show, that prolonged slouching in kids can adversely affect their mental health, life span, hormones, lung function, and many other disorders.

However, your kid's posture can be altered through the right lifestyle, diet, and exercises. In this article, we discuss easy-to-follow exercises your kid can practice to better their posture. These exercises require no equipment and can be practiced at home with supervision.

Flying superman

This is one of the easiest exercises that can help your kid's posture in a fun way. Here's how your kid can practice the flying exercise:

  • Lie on a straight surface, facing the floor
  • Extend your arms forward over your head as far straight as possible
  • At the same time, lift your legs over the ground and straighten the legs farther
  • At this point, your arms and legs knees down should be elevated from the floor
  • Hold this position for 5-10 seconds and release
  • Practice at least 10 times and increase the number gradually

Make wings

Wings are another easy-to-do fun exercise. This exercise can also be practiced regularly by kids for better overall health. Here's how your kid can practice the wings exercise:

  • Stand straight with your feet at your shoulders' distance
  • Extend your arms straight on each side
  • Now, move them up and down mimicking a fly flying
  • Repeat 10 times into 3 sets daily


Bridges are a great addition to your kid's exercise routine as they are not only better for their posture but also increase their core strength. Here's how to practice bridges:

  • Lie down on a straight surface
  • Now, lift your knees forming a mountain
  • Rest your arms straight on each side
  • Now, slowly lift your pelvic area
  • At this point, only your head, shoulders, arms, and feet should be touching the ground
  • Hold this position for 5-10 seconds and release
  • Repeat 3-5 times

Sitting twists

This exercise is easy-to-follow and can be practiced by sitting in a chair. We encourage you to make your kid practice this exercise between classes at school or while studying at home. Here's how your kid can try sitting twists:

  • Sit straight in a chair
  • Now, turn to your right and use the chair's handle as a hold and stretch your back far as you can looking back
  • Stretch for like 10 seconds and release
  • Now repeat on the other side
  • Perform these 10 on each side into 1-2 sets

Mountain stretches

Mountain is another great exercise for bettering posture and overall bone health. Here's how to perform mountains:

  • Sit with your knee fold and back straight
  • Now, place your arms in front of you farther apart from your shoulders
  • Slowly unfold your knees and spread your feet without bending
  • At this point, only your hands and feet should be touching the ground
  • As the name suggests, your body should form into a mountain-looking triangle
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds 2-4 times

In conclusion, regularly prating these stretching exercises can help better your kid's posture. Along with this, as mentioned in the beginning, your kid's routine and diet can also influence their health. Eating foods rich in protein and calcium can help strengthen your kid's bones, muscles, and joints.

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