International Yoga Day 2022: 17 Reasons Why You Need To Add Yoga To Your Daily Routine

International Yoga Day 2022: In this article, we discuss various benefits of adding yoga to your daily routine.

International Yoga Day 2022: 17 Reasons Why You Need To Add Yoga To Your Daily Routine

International Yoga Day 2022: Yoga increases flexibility which also improves blood circulation

Yoga is one of the most popular workout regimes practiced around the globe. This discipline originated in India 5,000 years ago. Yoga is a combination of meditation, breathing techniques, and physical movement.

As International Yoga Day is approaching, we must take time to recognise the many benefits of adding this workout regime to your daily routine. In this article, we discuss 17 ways in which yoga benefits us if implemented into our daily routine.

17 reasons why you need to add yoga to your routine:

1. Helps lose weight

Yoga is considered one of the most effective ways to loseweight. It is also ideal for people of all ages and weights as it can be altered to one's convenience.

2. Elevates mood

Yoga incorporates mindfulness and meditation. This relaxing workout regime incorporated with mediation has been proven to boost the production of happy hormones in the body.

3. Helps with mood disorders

As discussed above, yoga helps boost the production of happy hormones. In addition to this, yoga also helps reduce stress, anxiety, and other mood disorders through meditation and helps relax the mind.

4. Increases flexibility

Yoga is performed through various poses and positions. These yoga poses focus on increasing the body's ability to stretch. This boost to elasticity has also been proven to better blood circulation.

5. Boost immunity

Yoga has been proven to boost immunity. Yoga helps strengthen the body's immune system and makes it less vulnerable to external radicals that might otherwise adversely affect the body.

6. Improves digestive system

Yoga poses can be practiced to improve one's digestive system as a whole. Certain yoga poses help better the functioning of the gut and various other body organs that promote better digestion.

7. Betters brain functions

Besides reducing stress and promoting the production of happy hormones. Yoga also helps improve various brain functions such as focus, memory, cognition, and so on through multiple positions and meditation.

8. Improves muscle strength

As yoga is performed through practicing various poses, it strengthens the body's muscles. Through practicing yoga, one can gradually build and strengthen muscles.

9. Boosts metabolism

Yoga has been proven to boost metabolism. Besides aiding weight loss, yoga also improves metabolism. A high metabolism means your body is better equipped at burning calories which makes you less prone to weight gain in the future.

10. Improves skin

Yoga as discussed earlier helps increase blood circulation in the body. Along with this, yoga has also been proven to remove toxins from the body. All of these factors help promote better skin health.

11. Adjustable

Working out at the gym or weight training are high-intensity workouts and cannot be performed by everyone. Yoga, on the other hand, is adjustable and can be altered to one's convenience.

12. Improves breathing issues

Yoga incorporates positions along with breathing techniques. A combination of these two has been proven to improve oxygen absorption and it might also improve symptoms of various breathing/lung-related diseases.

13. Improves posture

As yoga inculcates various poses and positions, it helps better hydrate the spine and various other joints and muscles. All these factors help better our posture.

14. Helps with inflammation

Yoga has anti-inflammatory properties. The body might react to certain external forces or internal causes and experience inflammation. This can be reduced through a regular practice of yoga.

15. Improves sleep quality

As yoga helps better elasticity, blood circulation, mental health, and various other essential functions of the body, these factors also promote better quality sleep. Yoga may also help cure various sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, etc.

16. Helps maintain heart health

Yoga has been proven to improve heart health and may also aid the recovery of pre-existing heart disorders. It helps regulate blood pressure, clears out blood vessels of any build-up, improves blood circulation, and so on.

17. Improves bone health

Yoga has also been proven to strengthen bone health along with strengthening joints and muscles. This might make one less prone to injuries and promote the longevity of the bones.

In conclusion, yoga has various benefits for our bodies as well as our minds. Unlike other workout regimes, yoga is more peaceful and relaxing. Yoga can help you lose weight and can also cure various other health complications.

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