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Happy Hormones: Here's Your Guide To Happiness; Know How You Can Boost Them Naturally

Happy hormones: There are four major types of happy hormones that can enhance your mood. Read here to know more about these and how to boost them naturally.

Happy Hormones: Here's Your Guide To Happiness; Know How You Can Boost Them Naturally

A healthy lifestyle can help you boost the levels of happy hormones in the body


  • Happy hormones can boost your mood
  • Regular exercise promotes the levels of happy hormones
  • A healthy sleep schedule also promotes happy hormones in the body

Hormones are chemicals that are produced by glands present in the body. They are responsible for multiple processes in the human body. From your desire to eat to the amount of sleep your body needs, hormones affect the body's functioning in more ways than one. You'll be surprised to know that hormones can affect your mood too. Certain hormones are particularly responsible for making you feel a certain way. Similarly, the happy hormones can make you feel positive, happy and full of joy. A healthy diet and lifestyle can help you stimulate the production of these happy hormones. Read on to know how you can enhance the levels of the mood enhancers.

Happy hormones: Know how to stimulate these

1. Dopamine

This hormone is associated with the brain's reward system. It is also known as the 'feel good hormone'. You can make changes in your lifestyle to naturally boost the levels of dopamine in the body. Exercise regularly, ensure a healthy sleep routine, practice deep breathing and eat a healthy diet to boost the secretion of dopamine.

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Ensure a good night's sleep for better production of dopamine in the body
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2. Serotonin

"This is a natural antidepressant. It is dependent a lot on your gut and hence, the food you eat. Workout or play an indoor sport every day, eat tryptophan-rich foods like milk, especially at bedtime, have foods rich in omega-3 like ghee, nuts and lentils and most important, do not go carb-free to ensure healthy levels of serotonin in the body," mentions celeb nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal in her recent post.

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3. Oxytocin

It is also known as the love hormone as it plays a role in establishing emotional ties and relationships. It also plays a significant role in creating a parent-child bond. To stimulate the secretion of oxytocin, practice yoga and spend some time in activities with your loved ones. Spending time with your loved ones may also help.


Oxytocin helps in building a bond with your loved ones
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4. Endorphins

Endorphin is known to reduce stress levels and pain. It can bring a sense of calmness and well-being. This hormone is also known to alleviate signs of depression, stress and anxiety. It can also boost self-esteem. Laugh more, enjoy your favourite food, meditate more often and get a massage for healthy levels of endorphins.

Follow these above-mentioned tips and find your way to happiness!

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