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Chicken Vs Mutton: Is Mutton Bad For Health? Here's What Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra Says

Nutritionist Pooja Malhotras new Instagram post can help you make an informed decision

Chicken Vs Mutton: Is Mutton Bad For Health? Here's What Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra Says

Goat chops also have more iron and potassium

Here's some good news for meat lovers who avoid eating mutton or goat meat. They do it mostly because they believe goat meat is unhealthy. As a result, they prefer to consume chicken instead. However, many meat-eaters are unaware that mutton, especially the chops, has a lot more benefits than chicken. Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra explains this in a social media post. She discusses the health benefits of eating mutton chops and how they compare with chicken. You'll be surprised to know about these food facts. They are sure to help you make a more informed decision while choosing the kind of meat you want to eat.

Here's what nutritionist Pooja Malhotra says:

1) Goat chops have fewer calories, lesser fat and slightly more protein than chicken.

2) Goat chops also have more iron and potassium, and lesser sodium than chicken.

Many of us believe that chicken is good meat for us to consume. However, only certain parts of the chicken are good for us. The rest contain fat and their consumption may cause harm to the health.

According to Pooja Malhotra, between the different cuts of chicken, the legs, wings and thighs have much higher fat content than the breast portion. So, while eating chicken, it's always better to opt for the breast portion.

The nutritionist also said that other than fish, goat chops and chicken breast were the next best types of meat to consume. So, there's no reason to keep your mutton cravings at bay just because of a common belief. Instead, you can enjoy eating goat chops when you want to eat your favourite meat dish.

However, an excess of anything can cause harm to health. Hence, when opting for goat chops or chicken breast, keep your frequency and portions under control.

Check Pooja Malhotra's video here:

Remember, knowing which meat is okay to eat frequently and which is better to consume sporadically is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Meat may be incredibly helpful to the body if you pick the proper cuts and make the right choices.

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