Viral: This "Rangoli" Omelette Has The Internet Concerned Only About Washing Dishes

A viral video showing the making of an omelette with a unique concentric circle design has gone viral. Read to know how people reacted on Instagram.

Viral: This 'Rangoli' Omelette Has The Internet Concerned Only About Washing Dishes

A viral video shows the making of a special omelette (Photo Credit: Instagram/ remixed_tastes)

How do you like your eggs for breakfast? If you love omelettes, you must be aware of the variety of ways in which they can be customised. From unique stuffings and toppings to fun shapes and impressive presentation styles, there are numerous ways to take a simple omelette to the next level. Recently, a recipe reel for an omelette with an interesting ring design took Instagram by storm. It has sparked a range of relatable and humorous reactions. In the Instagram reel by @remixed_tastes, we see a person placing three bowls in ascending order of size face down over a frying pan.

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They pour egg whites around the edges of the largest bowl to fill the pan. They remove the bowl carefully once it is set. They then pour beaten egg yolks in the space between the egg white strip and the medium-sized bowl. They repeat the process from earlier, removing this bowl and then pouring egg whites. Finally, they pour the yellowish mixture to fill the centre as well. In this way, the omelette gets a concentric circle design. The vlogger adds garnishes to it as a finishing touch. Watch the complete viral video below:

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The reel has received a lot of interest online. In the comments, many people jokingly compared the omelette to an archery board, rangoli, and even Captain America's iconic shield. Others were more concerned about the number of utensils they would have to wash after following this viral recipe. Check out some of the reactions below:

"Congrats you have now 5 utensils to wash coz of one omelette."

"How to make your mom beat you for making more utensils. Here's your tutorial for that..."

"Advice - jab mummy ghar na ho tjab try kare." ["Advice - try it when mom's not home."]

"Breaks it while flipping and ends up washing 6 bowls, 1 pan & spatula."

"Who will wash all those bowls?"

"Ye omlette ke sath rangoli kyu khelni hai?" ["Why are you making rangoli with an omelette?"]

Would you try this viral recipe at home? Let us know in the comments below.

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