Man Devours Giant Nutella Jar In ASMR Mukbang - Video Goes Viral

Recently, a content creator was seen gulping down a massive jar of Nutella with a spatula, followed by several other sweet treats. Watch the video here:

Man Devours Giant Nutella Jar In ASMR Mukbang - Video Goes Viral

The viral video created a buzz on Instagram. (Image Credit: Instagram/@baderalsafar)

Social media always surprises us. From crazy food experiments to viral trends, it wouldn't be wrong to say that we are often spoiled for choice. A trend that has dominated various online platforms is ASMR mukbang. For the uninitiated, in this trend, individuals focus on sounds like chewing food and slurping drinks. Viewers find this trend extremely satisfying to watch. We recently came across a video of a content creator who tried his hand at this trend. In the video, the man is seen digging into a giant Nutella jar with a spatula. It garnered the attention of internet users who were amazed to see how he managed to gulp down so much sugar in one go.

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He follows it up with a Nutella jar-shaped sponge cake, which he gulped down in a few bites with ASMR sounds. Next, he took a taco and dumped a whole jar of ice cream on it. He sprayed some whipped cream on top of the ice cream and drizzled chocolate syrup all over it before eating the whole thing. Following that, he ate a Kinder Joy and a choco-vanilla bar of ice cream. But wait, there's more. He was also seen having jello shots, chocolate frogs, along with a bunch of other sugary delights. The caption reads, "Food ASMR: Eating a giant Nutella jar." Sounds tempting, right? Watch the video here:

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The video, in no time, created a buzz on Instagram. "Bro has sugar instead of blood," a user wrote. Another asked, "How can you eat Nutella like this? It's too much sugar, it's impossible!" Someone else wrote, "If he dies, we all know the reason." A few wanted to check if the person was okay. "100 missed calls from type 2 diabetes," read a comment. A person asked, "Tell me how your trip to the bathroom for 3 days went."

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