This Article is From Jan 23, 2023

Watch: BBC Presenter Chases Out-Of-Control Camera Live On-Air

The anchor was presenting the breakfast show when the robot camera started acting up.

Watch: BBC Presenter Chases Out-Of-Control Camera Live On-Air

Social media users are praising BBC anchor's quick thinking.

A news presenter was left red-faced after getting caught in a blunder with the studio camera and was forced to chase it across the studio. The incident took place with BBC presenter Victoria Valentine while she was hosting the breakfast show live on-air. She was about to start reporting on a news segment in the BBC studio when the cameras started to play up. The robot camera kept panning around the empty room to the other side of the studio and Ms Valentine was seen chasing it to come back in the frame.

Watch the video:

"Hello there, we start in the Swiss ski resort of Tavos where the... you know what? Stay with me. Sometimes this happens. "Just to prove it's live," Ms Valentine laughed as she began running after the camera while presenting the segment.

The camera finally stopped with a frame that showed the anchor's chair. Ms Valentine, soon reached the spot and sat down in front of the studio camera, smiling.

"We're going to talk about what Keir Starmer has been talking about - the opposition party leader," she continued.

"He has been reassuring the investors at the World Economic Forum that Labour is pro-business and pledging to do more to attract foreign investment into the UK if they win power next year," the anchor quickly brushed aside the gaffe and continued with the coverage.

Ms Valentine has posted the short clip of the gaffe on her Twitter handle and it has gone viral on social media. The users are praising the anchor's quick thinking and handling of the situation.

"Styled it out, five stars," commented one user. "It's so great how you handle the cameras going rogue, yet improvise in a cheery, happy way until the cameras catch up and you can get back on track!" said another.

Ms Valentine has been presenting the BBC Breakfast show since last year when Sally Nugent took leave due to her health.