This Article is From Apr 10, 2023

Uorfi Javed Says She Was Mentally And Physically Abused By Her Father

Uorfi Javed also mentioned that someone once put up her pictures on a porn site when she was only 15 years old.

Uorfi Javed Says She Was Mentally And Physically Abused By Her Father

Uorfi Javed credited Bigg Boss for giving her fame and recognition.

Uorfi Javed always makes news due to her bold choice of clothing and unfiltered remarks. However, she had a difficult childhood and adolescence. The influencer recently revealed in an interview that she was mentally and physically abused by her father and therefore ran away from her home when she was only a teenager.

In an Instagram reel shared by Humans of Bombay, the Bigg Boss contestant said that she grew up in Lucknow and used to wear jackets over crop tops. When she was stopped from wearing "such" clothes, she could not understand the reason. Ms Javed also revealed that her father would abuse her physically and mentally and "he once beat me till I lost consciousness."

"Growing up in Lucknow, I did not understand why I was stopped from dressing a certain way. I was mentally and physically abused; I even tried committing suicide," Ms Javed said. 

She also mentioned that someone once put up her pictures on a porn site, in the longer version of the interview uploaded on YouTube. Ms Javed said, "When I was 15, someone uploaded my picture on a porn site. It was a normal picture. I uploaded it wearing a tube top as my Facebook profile photo. Someone downloaded them and uploaded it on a porn site without morphing, without anything." She added that eventually everyone got to know about it. "Everyone started blaming me a lot. I was told I am a porn star. I was like 'Where is the video?' But they said, 'No, no she is a porn star'," she stated.

"Even my father was like 'she is a porn star'. I think my father was trying to gain sympathy from all this. He was telling everyone that porn site people are asking for Rs 50 lakh. He told our relatives. I was like that isn't possible but I couldn't say anything because they were beating me up at home. I was so confused that 'I am the victim here, why are you hitting me?' But they were not ready to believe it... I endured that for two years. It was just too much to take from relatives, my own father. I was 17 when I ran away," she added.

However, Ms Javed decided to give life another chance and decided to move to Delhi. "I decided to give my life a second chance. I ran away to Delhi. I was just 17. I began taking tuitions to support myself. Later, I started working in a call centre," the reality show star added.

Ms Javed revealed that her father "abandoned her family" and then she reconciled with her mother. She moved to Mumbai and auditioned for various roles. "Soon, I decided to go and try my luck in Mumbai. I had no money or place to live so I used to stay at my friends' houses. I did odd jobs, giving interviews and even gave auditions," she continued. 

"After a brief period of struggle, I cracked a TV serial, and then tried my destiny in Bigg Boss OTT. But I was evicted within a week," the influencer said. She also credited Bigg Boss for giving her fame and recognition. 

Since Ms Javed always loved fashion and dressing up, she began experimenting with it. "With no job in hand, I began experimenting with the things I was best with - clothes! It didn't go well with people. The world trolled me and called my choices rubbish and weird. I was questioned about my morality and character."

However, she remain unfazed and decided to try bolder looks. "But not caring about faceless people's opinions on the Internet, I kept embracing myself and expressed self-acceptance through my choice." She said that she did not let the world define her which further led to "wonderful opportunities".