"Taught Me What Discipline Is": Roger Federer Reveals Wife Mirka's Contribution To His Career

The couple met at the 2000 Summer Olympics and married in a secret ceremony nine years later.

'Taught Me What Discipline Is': Roger Federer Reveals Wife Mirka's Contribution To His Career

He thanked his wife for motivating him during difficult times.

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer recently revealed the impact of his wife Mirka Federer on his career. He said that he was "more the player" before his wife instilled discipline in his life,in an interview with El Pais. It is worth noting that Mirka was also a tennis player who competed for Switzerland in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. She met the 20-time Grand there and nine years later, the couple married in a secret ceremony.

He thanked his wife for always being there for him and motivating him during difficult times. "We met at the Sydney Games when I hadn't won a title yet, so she has been with me almost every step of the way. She has helped me a lot during difficult times and she has played a very important role in keeping me motivated. She also taught me what discipline is, because she is incredibly disciplined; I was more the player, the artist, if you will, and I needed guidance in that aspect," Mr Federer told El Pais, ahead of the Amazon Prime series 'Federer: Twelve Final Days', which is set to release later this month. It shows the final days of Roger Federer's career before he played his farewell match at the 2022 Laver Cup.

The Swiss player also discussed how Mirka managed their four children while he travelled across the globe regularly. "Obviously, she also worked very hard in the second part of my career with the children, making everything work as we travelled around the circuit; The logistics were crazy and she has been incredible in this regard. She knows it, and that's why I'm so glad she's in the movie too," Mr Federer told the outlet.

He also shared a tearful moment from the upcoming web series in which his wife confesses how much she loves to watch her husband play. The former World Number 1 also thought that viewers would eventually learn the truth about how much Mirka has endured beside him throughout his career via the series. "There is a very emotional moment in which she says how meaningful he has been to her and how much she has always loved watching me play; That is one of the most emotional moments, because you see everything she has suffered with me," Mr Federer added.