Passengers Call 911 Over 'Hostage' Fears After Train In US Delayed For 20 Hours

The delay was caused due to derailment of a freight train on the route of the Amtrak. The train finally reached its destinations after 20-hour delay.

Passengers Call 911 Over 'Hostage' Fears After Train In US Delayed For 20 Hours

The Amtrak train was going from Virginia to Florida when the incident took place.

An Amtrak train got stranded in the United States for 20 hours, which caused panic among passengers who called emergency number 911 believing they were being held hostage. According to ABC News, the train left Virginia at 5pm on Monday and was initially scheduled to arrive in Sanford, Florida, by 10am on Tuesday. But derailment of a freight train caused significant delayed, stretching their 17-hour journey to 37 hours. The train finally rolled into the Sanford station on Wednesday morning, the outlet further said.

There were 563 passengers and 333 vehicles onboard.

The Amtrak Auto Train had to be rerouted due to derailment of a CSX freight train on its route. The train was stopped in Denmark, South Carolina, and had to wait for a new crew to arrive, Amtrak told ABC News.

"The train was detoured off its normal route in order to continue operating south. We have been providing regular updates to customers, along with meals, snack packs and beverages. The onboard staff is working with pet owners to provide bathroom breaks," Amtrak told the outlet before the arrival of the train at its destination.

However, despite Amtrak's constant updates, some passengers called 911 from their phones when it was stuck in rural South Carolina, the New York Post reported.

The train staff had to explain to the passengers that they are not being held hostage.

"For those of you that are calling the police, we are not holding you hostage. We are giving you all the information in which we have. We are sorry about the inconvenience," a train conductor said, as per the Post report.

The conductor also told the passengers not to open their windows to smoke on the train.