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Nithyananda's Kailasa A Micronation: Here Are Other Self-Proclaimed Nations

Kailasa is an island, situated off the coast of Ecuador, but photos are very difficult to find, according to the BBC.

Nithyananda's Kailasa A Micronation: Here Are Other Self-Proclaimed Nations

Kailasa was founded by Nithyananda, who fled from India.

Kailasa, the so-called country founded by self-styled godman Nithyananda, has again sparked the interest of users about its status and existence after its "representatives" attended a key meeting of the United Nations in Geneva last month. As photos and video of Kailasa's representatives at UN meet went viral, users started asking where the country is actually located. According to the BBC, Nithyananda bought an island of the coast of Ecuador, where he claims to have established 'Kailasa', but its visuals are hard to find.

Nithyananda, who once had thousands of followers in India and abroad, was arrested in 2010 over a sex scandal. He was later charged with rape and abduction, and reported to have fled India.

But in 2019, Nithyananda announced in a YouTube video that he had set up his own country, dedicated to the "preservation, restoration and revival of an enlightened culture and civilization based on authentic Hinduism".

Kailasa is named after Mount Kailash in Tibet, considered sacred by Hindus. But instead of a country, Kailasa, at best, can be described as micronation.

What are micronations?

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, micronations are self-proclaimed entities claiming to be independent sovereign states but not recognised by other countries or the United Nations.

They are distinct from microstates, such as Liechtenstein or Vatican City, whose sovereignty over extremely small territories and populations is internationally recognised.

They are usually created as a form of philosophical experiment, a political protest, artistic expression or for fun. Several have their own currency, constitution, and even armies.

There are about 80 micronations in the world, according to Google Maps. Here's a look at some of them:


Librland is located on a parcel of land between Croatia and Serbia.

Liberland: The so-called country was believed to have been established by Wit Jedlica, a Czech politician and activist, in 2015. Like Kailasa, Liberland also has its website that says it is located on a parcel of land between Croatia and Serbia.

Liberland has two vice presidents and five ministers and the language is English, the website further said.


Sealand was established on a former military base.

Sealand: It was founded on a military fortress in 1967, about 12 kilometres from the coast of England in the North Sea. The fortress, called Roughs Tower, was constructed during the Second World War by the British but abandoned a few years after the war ended.

It was occupied by Roy Bates for setting up his radio station. He later declared the fortress island the independent state of "Sealand", claiming "Jus Gentium" ("Law of Nations") over a part of the globe that was "Terra Nullius" (Nobody's Land), according to its website. According to reports, the population of Sealand is 70.


Snake Hill has a few hundred citizens and claims land the size of Monaco.

Principality of Snake Hill: It was founded in 2003 after some Australian residents decided to secede from the nation after not being able to pay taxes. According to the official blog of the principality, the Australian government had filed an "ill-fated land and income suit", which was going to take away all their money.

It has a few hundred citizens and claims land the size of Monaco. Princess Helena is the head of state of Snake Hill, who ascended to the throne after the death of her husband Prince Paul.


Elleore is shaped like an 'L'.

Kingdom of Elleore: The micronation is located on the island of Elleore in the Roskilde Fjord, north of Roskilde on the Danish island of Zealand. According to its website, Elleore is shaped like an 'L' - 300 m in east-west and 200 m in north-south direction. It claims independence since 1944.


The city of Rajneeshpuram was set up in Oregon. (Getty image)

Rajneeshpuram: It was the result of an attempt by Indian spiritual guru, Rajneesh, who set up the religious intentional community in the northwest United States, located in Wasco County, Oregon. Rajneeshpuram had its own police, fire department and public transport system. It was incorporated as a city between 1981 and 1988.