Indian Swimmers Embark On Ambitious 32-Km Ram Setu Swim

The expedition aims to promote universal brotherhood, raise awareness about water safety, and enhance friendly relations with neighboring countries.

Indian Swimmers Embark On Ambitious 32-Km Ram Setu Swim

Bharat Sachdeva (left) and Shaaswat Sharma (right) are both accomplished swimmers.

Two accomplished swimmers, Shaaswat Sharma and Bharat Sachdeva, are embarking on a remarkable 32-kilometre swim expedition from Sri Lanka to India. The endeavour, titled the Ram Setu Swim Expedition, is scheduled for April 14, 2024, and aims to serve as a "token contribution for Universal Brotherhood and friendship between neighbours," according to an Instagram post by these swimmers.

"A 10-hour swim with a lifetime worth of practice," they captioned the post they shared on Instagram.

Shaaswat Sharma is a national-level swimmer with an impressive record of over 500 medals, awards, and trophies across various competitions. He is a skilled water polo player, triathlete, and ultra-long-distance swimmer. Bharat Sachdeva, his compatriot for this expedition, is an international swimmer and Ironman triathlete. He is also a high-performance health and wellness consultant and has clinched numerous medals at both national and international levels.

According to their detailed plan, the two swimmers have reached Sri Lanka. They are scheduled to start swimming from Talaimannar, Sri Lanka, to Dhanushkoti, India, at 5 am on April 14th. The goal is to complete this challenging journey within 10 hours, aiming to reach Dhanushkoti, India, by 3 p.m. on the same day.

The Ram Setu Swim Expedition promises to be a unique feat of physical and mental strength as the swimmers navigate the waters between the two South Asian nations. According to the swimmers' Instagram post, their objective for this extensive swim is multifaceted. They aim to "promote the spirit of universal brotherhood (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) and raise awareness about India's rich heritage. Promote friendly relations with India's neighbors. Spread awareness about water safety and the prevention of drowning incidents. Promoting Open Water Swimming in the Indian Sporting Landscape."