Student Says IIT Bombay No "Golden Gateway To Supreme Education". Post Goes Viral

The student says said in the post, "I feel lost and do not have the enthusiasm in the same manner that I had during my JEE days." The post comes amidst a debate around placements of IIT Bombay students.

Student Says IIT Bombay No 'Golden Gateway To Supreme Education'. Post Goes Viral

IIT Bombay had countered a report about its placements with an exit survey.

A first-year IIT Bombay student has criticised the premier institute's teaching and grading methods, sparking a debate on social media. In a post on Reddit, user 'dengo302005' said IIT Bombay is a far cry from the perception of being the "golden gateway to supreme education". The user said it is exactly the opposite. The post, shared recently a month ago, is gaining traction amidst a debate around the impact of global slowdown on IIT placements. A report had claimed earlier this month that 36 per cent of students are yet to secure job, but the institute had countered it with an exit survey conducted among its students.

Talking about the experience at India's premier institute, the Reddit user said it hasn't been "that great". Titled IIT Rant, the post by IIT Bombay's first year student goes on to say, "I feel lost and do not have the enthusiasm in the same manner that I had during my JEE days. The grading system here is so heavily dependent on the subjectivity of the TA's (Teaching Assistants) that it defeats the whole purpose of education."

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"People outside of this college (including my parents) think of it as a "golden gateway to supreme education", but it is exactly the opposite," the post further said.

NDTV cannot independently verify the post, but it has gained significant attention online, receiving close to 100 100 comments and nearly 250 votes on Reddit.

"I am doing civil in an old IIT and I feel the same, I don't even remember why I used to study during JEE times. Idk whom it was that I wanted to prove my worth. Everything feels very useless all of a sudden idk why... and what I should do about it," one user commented.

"Try not to get disenchanted with the system. Try putting in your best and then leave the rest. Relax and be cool. Later in life, when you look back, you will relish these memories. The entire process makes you mentally stronger to handle much bigger setbacks. Try lasting thru it and simply try enjoying it. Don't take it so hard. You will be fine," said another.

Users from different colleges shared their own experiences and disenchantment from the education system.

Earlier this month, a report in Hindustan Times had claimed that approximately 712 out of the 2,000 registered students in IIT Bombay are still without job offers this session. It quoted an official from the institute's placement cell as saying that "it was a struggle to invite companies to the campus".

But IIT Bombay released a survey countering the report and clarifying that only 6.1 per cent of graduates are looking for jobs, while the majority of students (57.1 per cent) secured jobs through IIT Bombay's placement process.