Coca-Cola Heir Alki David Slapped With $900 Million Fine In Sexual Assault Case

This substantial verdict is part of a series of sexual misconduct cases David has faced, with previous rulings totaling $70 million in damages.

Coca-Cola Heir Alki David Slapped With $900 Million Fine In Sexual Assault Case

The verdict is notable for being one of the largest sexual assault verdicts in history.

A descendant of a Coca-Cola bottling fortune faced a hefty court judgement on Monday, ordered to pay millions in damages to a former employee following allegations of sexual assault.

According to the former worker's lawyer, a Los Angeles jury unanimously decided that Greek billionaire Alki David must pay the woman, identified as Jane Doe in her lawsuit, an astounding $900 million for allegedly raping and harassing her over a three-year period.

"It's so despicable, the facts of this case," lawyer Gary Dordick told the Los Angeles Times. "He raped my client while on trial in another case."

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The victim claimed that although she was a model for several of David's businesses, including Hologram USA, which makes holograms of dead celebrities, the abuse started in February 2016.

As per the Los Angeles Times, the jury award, which Dordick's firm said is believed to be "one of the largest sexual assault verdicts in history," is just the latest against David. He has lost multiple other sexual misconduct cases brought against him, and he and his businesses have been ordered to pay about $70 million in combined damages.

David is known for his company, Hologram USA, which creates holograms of dead celebrities. His company portfolio has also included numerous internet streaming services. The woman who sued David is a model in her 30s who knew him as a "media mogul and billionaire" when she went to work for him at Hologram USA.