This Article is From Feb 01, 2023

British Houses Worth 584 Million Pounds To Fall Into The Sea Due To Coastal Erosion: Report

By 2100, coastal homes worth 584 million pounds may be lost to the water, according to a climate action group.

British Houses Worth 584 Million Pounds To Fall Into The Sea Due To Coastal Erosion: Report

Thousands of homes worth 584 million pounds are at risk in the United Kingdom.

Global warming and rising temperatures are beginning to have some effect on every region of the world. A new study conducted by a climate action group has revealed that Britain may face a crisis similar to India's Joshimath, with thousands of coastal houses at risk in several areas affected by coastal erosion.

According to the climate change advocacy group One Home, the 21 coastal villages and hamlets in England, worth an estimated 584 million pounds, are most at risk of being submerged by the year 2100.

"Using data from the Environment Agency's National Coastal Erosion Risk Mapping (NCERM), the organisation calculated the projected loss amount by region and the average price of properties in each region," Mirror reported.

According to One Home, "the areas that are at risk of being submerged include seaside villages in Cornwall, Cumbria, Dorset, East Yorkshire, Essex, Kent, the Isle of Wight, Northumberland, Norfolk, and Sussex, amounting to 2,218 properties that are together worth around 584 million pounds."

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Explaining the effect of climate change and coastal erosion on English coastal areas, the group stated that "a rise in sea level is causing England's coast to erode faster than before. 2022 was the warmest year in England since records began 364 years ago. As the world warms, storms intensify, ice melts faster, and the oceans expand, causing sea levels to rise. "

"England's crumbling cliffs mean up to 80,000 homes are at risk of falling into the sea by the end of the century. There is no insurance or compensation scheme available for those impacted, and home owners may have to pay for the demolition of their home."

Sea-level rise has spread across the world and causes challenges that have an effect on the entire international community.

According to a UN report from 2021, climate change has been highlighted as a danger multiplier that can affect the stability and security of communities and states, in addition to the economic and property losses. The Security Council has recently given the connection between climate change and security some thought.