Side Hustle Helps Man Bring In Rs 3.8 Crore A Year. Read His Story

Living at home, a 26-year-old turned their Etsy candle hobby into a booming business, raking in an impressive $462,000 within a year.

Side Hustle Helps Man Bring In Rs 3.8 Crore A Year. Read His Story

Mr Rivera has established a thriving online business

Leveraging the print-on-demand (POD) business model, Francisco Rivera, an Orlando resident, has cultivated a lucrative Etsy shop specialising in organic candles. Despite not being a personal enthusiast for the product, Mr Rivera's focus on witty labels paired with neutral-coloured, organic candles has resonated with a significant customer base, CNBC Make It reported. 

In February 2023, Mr Rivera, previously employed part-time as an online tutor, sought alternative income streams due to a decline in demand following the resumption of in-person after-school activities. Inspired by a YouTube video on POD side hustles, Mr Rivera identified an opportunity to create designs, list them online, and outsource production and fulfilment. Utilizing Canva for design and Printify for POD services, Mr Rivera has established a thriving online business.

Mr Rivera's Etsy shop brought in approximately $462,000 (approximately Rs 3.8 crore) in sales last year. Sharing details, Mr Rivera revealed that about 30%-50% of each sale is profit, $55,000 of fees went to Etsy last year, and money he spends on marketing and Printify's services.

He revealed that some days he works only 20 minutes a day and on some days he works up to two hours, researching trends and designing new candle labels. And rest of his time, he focuses on his music career. 

"I'm making more than I ever have, doing less than I ever have," Mr Rivera told CNBC Make It. 

When asked if his side is replicable, he said, "Absolutely. The beauty of the [print-on-demand] model is it's so low-risk. It's $0.20 to list something on Etsy. There are so many people I know who are interested in this but just can't start. I always say: If you have a 9-to-5, you're putting in work and you already are consistent. You just have to channel that consistency toward something else."

He started selling candles because it was a newer category in print-on-demand. "It felt like there was more opportunity with candles. They make great gifts, a lot of people buy candles on Etsy and people who had funny candle shops typically went viral within a year," he told the media outlet.

"The biggest downside of this side hustle is copycats - people who use the same phrases or very similar designs," the 26-year-old said.