Rajkummar Rao And Patralekhaa Getting Married? "Not For Another 6-7 Years," She Says

Patralekhaa says her family is also not pressurising her or Rajkummar to get married

Rajkummar Rao And Patralekhaa Getting Married? 'Not For Another 6-7 Years,' She Says

Rajkummar Rao with Patralekhaa at the screening of Trapped.

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  1. Patralekhaa says she and Rajkummar have a lot achieve
  2. "Our marriage, when it happens, will be beautiful," she said
  3. Patralekhaa stars in Nanu Ki Jaanu releasing later this month
Actress Rajkummar Rao says she and her actor boyfriend Rajkummar Rao are not getting married for another six to seven years. She told mid-day that marriage is not on the cards for the couple, who have been dating for four years now. Patralekhaa, who is awaiting the release of Nanu Ji Jaanu, said: "I don't see myself getting married for the next six to seven years. We both have too much to achieve. Our marriage, when it happens, will be beautiful. We will enjoy a two-month-long honeymoon and see the world," reports mid-day. Rajkummar Rao and Patralekhaa have co-starred in 2014's CityLights.

Patralekhaa also added that her family does not pressurise her to get married either. "My father always told me that marriage isn't a prerogative. I'd see friends tying the knot at 21, but my family never put that pressure. 'Don't get married' was a family diktat," she told mid-day.

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Nanu Ji Jaanu is Patralekhaa's third film since she made her Bollywood debut in CityLights while Rajkummar Rao releases four to five film in a year. Patralekhaa told mid-day that her boyfriend is not her competition instead her inspiration. "Imagine having to be under the pressure of matching up to him, that would be a crazy place to be in," she said.

The Love Games actress also told mid-day how she and Rajkummar avoid fans bombarding their dates. "I ask him to wear a medical mask when we're stepping out." And this is how she deals with "vile" rumours: "According to those stories, we keep having break-ups in the lobby of our building. We opened up about our relationship at the beginning with everyone, but I never expected to hear such vile things about us."

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Nanu Ji Jaanu also stars Abhay Deol and it is directed by Faraz Haider. The film is expected to hit the screens later this month.

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