Parineeti Chopra-Raghav Chadha Wedding Live Updates: Arvind Kejriwal, Bhagwant Mann Wave To Cameras At Airport

Parineeti-Raghav wedding: The chief ministers exited the airport together

Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann at Udaipur Airport

Actor Parineeti Chopra and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Raghav Chadha will marry in Udaipur this weekend. The bride and groom arrived yesterday to a grand welcome at the airport which was decorated for the ladkiwale, baraatis and guests. The wedding will take place in the Leela Palace while the baraat will travel from the iconic Lake Palace by boat. The bridal party was spotted taking a boat across Lake Pichola to the hotel yesterday. A mehendi ceremony was held yesterday and today's programme includes a haldi and sangeet. It appears that Priyanka Chopra, who is Parineeti's cousin, may or may not attend the wedding - her Instagram activity this morning indicated that she was still in Los Angeles but she could still take a private plane. Some of Raghav Chadha's AAP colleagues and other political leaders landed in Udaipur today, among them Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann. Also on the guest list are Karan Johar and Manish Malhotra, who has designed the bride's outfits. The pre-wedding festivities began earlier this week in New Delhi. An ardas was held at Raghav's residence followed by a Sufi night at which the guest list included cricketer Harbhajan Singh. Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha got engaged in New Delhi in May. Priyanka flew from Los Angeles to attend.

Here are the Live Updates from Parineeti-Raghav's wedding festivities:

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Sep 23, 2023 20:17 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: The Priyanka Factor
Meantime, there's still no sign of Priyanka Chopra. Akshay Kumar, Parineeti's co-star in the soon to release Mission Raniganj, is also not expected to attend
Sep 23, 2023 19:26 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Chief Ministers In Udaipur
Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann went from Udaipur airport to the Udaivilas hotel. They were ferried to the hotel by boat

Sep 23, 2023 18:44 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Chief Ministers Arrive
Raghav Chadha's AAP colleagues, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann, made a grand entry into Udaipur together

See pictures from the airport

Sep 23, 2023 18:11 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Mehendi, Lunch Details
A gidda dance was performed at the mehendi ceremony that was held this morning.

The menu at the welcome lunch for guests had Indian, Italian and Asian cuisine
Sep 23, 2023 16:58 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Celeb Guest List
An update on the celebrity guests - Manish Malhotra was to have flown into Udaipur today but has cancelled and will now arrive with Karan Johar tomorrow

No sign of Priyanka Chopra yet
Sep 23, 2023 16:30 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Celebrity Wishes
Tennis star Sania Mirza wishes Parineeti in an Instagram Story: "My turn to give you a jhappi"

Sep 23, 2023 15:34 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Manish Malhotra Expected
Manish Malhotra, who has designed Parineeti's wedding outfits, will be landing in Udaipur around now

Manish and Parineeti are friends and she has been spotted at the dinners he regularly hosts for celebrities

Sep 23, 2023 15:05 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Guests Arrive
More visuals of guests being ferried across Lake Pichola to the hotel

Sep 23, 2023 14:42 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Live From Leela Palace
All morning, the sound of mantras, dhol beats and music has been heard from the Leela Palace in Udaipur where the wedding and related ceremonies are being held

Sep 23, 2023 14:30 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Guests Arrive
The only way to get to the Leela Palace, which is the wedding venue, is by boat

Sep 23, 2023 14:17 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Guests Arrive
Visuals of Parineeti and Raghav's wedding guests being ferried to the Leela Palace by boat

Sep 23, 2023 13:41 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Flowers For Guests
At Udaipur airport, guests arriving for Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha's wedding are being handed a rose each

Sep 23, 2023 12:56 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Celeb Guest List
Designer Manish Malhotra is expected to land in Udaipur this afternoon. He has designed the bride's wedding looks and also created her engagement outfit

Sep 23, 2023 12:00 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Haldi Being Held
A haldi is being held this morning for Parineeti and Raghav

The sound of mantras and strains of music can be heard from the Leela Palace - the song is Rishma Ne sung by Punjabi musician Satinder Sartaj
Sep 23, 2023 11:27 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Inside Pics
Raghav Chadha's uncle Pawan Sachdeva, who is designing the groom's wedding wardrobe, shared glimpses from their boat ride to the Leela Palace hotel yesterday

Parineeti's family were spotted

Sep 23, 2023 11:00 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Heavy Security At Airport
Security has been increased in Udaipur because of the political invitees. At the airport, security cover is being provided by both Punjab and Rajasthan police

Sep 23, 2023 10:52 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: The Priyanka Factor
Despite Priyanka's cryptic social media activity, reports say she could still fly into Udaipur on a private plane
Sep 23, 2023 10:38 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Today's Schedule
A haldi will be held for Parineeti and Raghav at 11.30 am

This will be followed by a welcome lunch for guests arriving today

A 90s-themed sangeet will be held tonight
Sep 23, 2023 09:50 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Floral Decor
A mehendi was held yesterday for the family and friends who arrived ahead of the larger guest list. A fan club dedicated to Parineeti shared a glimpse of the wedding  decor as it looked yesterday - an archway of white flowers 

Sep 23, 2023 09:41 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: The Priyanka Factor
Nick Jonas is playing Washington tonight with his band Jonas Brothers. Priyanka, who appears to be in Los Angeles with Malti Marie, has attended some of the concerts on the tour schedule, for instance the one at LA's Dodger Stadium

Sep 23, 2023 09:20 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: The Priyanka Factor
Back in May after the engagement, Priyanka wrote on Instagram that she couldn't "wait for the wedding"

In the comments, Parineeti replied, "Mimi did, bridesmaid's duties coming up"

Sep 23, 2023 08:40 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: The Priyanka Factor
Priyanka's mother Madhu Chopra will be at the wedding. She checked into Udaipur like this

Sep 23, 2023 08:30 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: The Priyanka Factor
Priyanka and Parineeti are known to be very close, calling each other by their pet names Mimi and Tisha

Priyanka flew in from Los Angeles in May to attend Parineeti's engagement to Raghav in Delhi

Here's a picture from the engagement

Sep 23, 2023 08:10 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: The Priyanka Factor
Even more revealing is an Instagram Story Priyanka posted wishing Parineeti - "I hope you are as happy and content as this on your big day little one," Priyanka captioned a throwback of Parineeti in full party mode

Sep 23, 2023 08:06 (IST)
Parineeti-Raghav Wedding: Family Matters
Will the bride's cousin Priyanka Chopra attend the wedding? Yesterday, unconfirmed media reports suggested she wouldn't. Priyanka lives in Los Angeles with husband Nick Jonas and daughter Malti Marie - Nick, currently on tour with his band, almost certainly won't attend. Priyanka's recent social media activity also seems to indicate that she will be absent from the festivities.

On Saturday morning - a time when earlier reports this week said she would be landing in India - Priyanka shared an Instagram post of herself and Malti Marie playing with animals at a petting farm in Los Angeles