Bigg Boss 11, November 1: Nothing Here, Just Shilpa Shinde And Vikas Gupta Fighting Again

Bigg Boss 11, November 1: Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde's feuding sides will resurrect in tonight's episode

Bigg Boss 11, November 1: Nothing Here, Just Shilpa Shinde And Vikas Gupta Fighting Again

A still from Bigg Boss 11. (Image courtesy: @BiggBoss)

New Delhi: Tonight in Bigg Boss 11, the contestants will carry on with the Luxury Budget Task, called Cushion Baazar. In the first of the task, which aired on Tuesday, contestants steal money from each other instead of putting their efforts into completing the task as proposed by Bigg Boss. Tonight, the task will take a nasty turn when Shilpa and Vikas will get into a shouting match because of the stolen money. Vikas is upset (for obvious reasons) with Shilpa, who has stolen his money. Vikas will get into a fight with Shilpa, who will warn him not to get physical. Everyone will support Vikas over Shilpa. Will that make matters worse?

Arshi Khan, like always will be vocal, about her dislike for Shilpa. In a preview clip from tonight's episode, Arshi can be heard saying, "She is mad and needs medical attention." Vikas Gupta, who is infuriated, adds, "Shilpa Shinda apne aurat hone ka njayaz fayda uthati hai."

Meanwhile, Dhinchak Pooja, it seems, has had a huge impact on Akash Dadlani's style. Akash, whose rap was earlier incomprehensible (even to the host Salman Khan and contestants like Hiten Tejwani) are now quite cringe-worthy like that of Dhinchak Pooja.

Akash's new rap is in the honour of the new task. Watch here:

As of now Hiten Tejwani, Dhinchak Pooja, Sabyasachi Sathpathy, Benafshah, Bandagi Kalra, Hina Khan Sapna Chowdhary and Priyank Sharma are nominated for elimination for later this week. Arshi Khan, Akash Dadlani, Puneesh Sharma, Vikas Gupta and Mehjabi Siddiqui are safe from this week's elimination process.


  • The Luxury Budget Task will continue tonight
  • Everybody will accuse Shilpa of provoking Vikas
  • Akash has a new rap and a new style too
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