This Article is From Sep 14, 2017

'200 Per Cent Sure' Investigation Is On Right Track: Gurgaon Police Chief

Gurgaon school murder: Witnesses said Pradyuman Thakur was taken to hospital by the alleged killer.

New Delhi: Investigation in the murder of Ryan International School student Pradyuman Thakur is on the right track, the Gurgaon police said today, adding there was also a huge "criminal culpability" on part of the school in the crime. Debunking reports of the involvement of a third person in the murder, Gurgaon police chief Sandeep Khirwar told NDTV  today that he was "200 per cent sure" that the investigation was on the right track and promised to file a chargesheet in the case before the stipulated time of 90 days.  

The police have arrested Ashok Kumar, the conductor of a school bus, for the murder. Police sources  said footage from a nearby CCTV showed Pradyuman, injured and bleeding, crawl out of the toilet and collapse outside. Police have arrested Ashok Kumar, who was also inside the toilet at the time, for the murder.

Mr Khirwar said the school had looking at the glaring lapses by Ryan International Group they were clearly criminally liable.

Yesterday, sources in the Gurgaon Police said they found "documentary evidence" that the principal of the Sohna school had sent several requests for funds to increase security at the campus.

Quoting one of the two arrested school officials, a police officer had told NDTV that "repeated letters" had been sent by the school's acting principal and regional heads who wanted funds to strengthen security measures. But these were turned down by the management.

Ryan International School has already been indicted by a special investigation team for laxity in their security measures.  The team had found no separate toilet facility for the school's support staff, which had forced the students to share the facilities with them.

The team also found a number of other lapses, including many non-functional CCTV cameras and a persistent lack of necessary background checks and police verification of staff members.