This Article is From Nov 04, 2010

Michelle's hairdos are a cut above the rest for Mumbai's fashionistas

Mumbai: Tired of meeting the same person in the mirror for years, software engineer Deepika Saha decided to try a new look this Diwali. And who better to draw inspiration from than US First Lady Michelle Obama, who is scheduled to visit the city this weekend. "The Obamas are everywhere these days - on TV, in the newspapers, even on billboards. The hype surrounding their Mumbai visit sparked an idea and I decided to try some of the hairdos made popular by Michelle," says Saha, who now tries a different style each day including the 'updo, half updo, and brushed back bob'.

Saha is not alone in seeking inspiration from the First Lady. In the last few days, salons in the city have been getting requests for the 'Michelle Obama look'. Hairstylist Pramod Kumar Singh, who was faintly surprised when his women clients began asking for the 'Obama cut', downloaded pictures of the US First Lady from the internet to see what the fuss was all about. "In the last one year, Michelle has sported several dos and cuts, each very elegant and classy. However, this interest in emulating her personal style is kind of new in the city," says Singh, whose clientele includes film and TV actors like Nisha Kothari, Shweta Kumar and Parul Chauhan.

Explains another hairdresser Rita Singh, who herself opted for the fringe bob made popular by the First Lady, "Michelle turns heads with her understated style and is one of the most popular women in the world today. And most of her hairdos are manageable and no-fuss, ideal for women in the city who have hectic lifestyles and little time for personal grooming."

Hairdressers in the city point out that all of Michelle's recent haircuts would go well on Indian faces, irrespective of age. "Her style is classic and will suit women of all shapes and sizes, the only criteria being a symmetrical or oval face," says Tanya D'Souza, another Mumbai-based hairstylist.

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