This Article is From Mar 16, 2014

Chennai: Air India flight's wing brushes against catering vehicle

Chennai: An Air India flight from Mumbai carrying 168 passengers suffered slight damage when one of its wings brushed against a parked catering vehicle at the airport in Chennai.

All the passengers are safe and the left wing of the Air India aircraft sustained some scratches while it was being parked after landing, airport sources said.

The Mumbai-Chennai AI570 flight was on its way to the parking bay after landing at 9 am when the wing touched the catering vehicle parked in the adjacent bay for loading food items onto a Jet Airways flight.

Air India engineers inspected the aircraft and certified it fit for return journey to Mumbai, the sources said.

Security and safety officials inquired into the incident and questioned the driver of the catering vehicle, which was allegedly not parked properly, leading to the mishap at the Kamaraj Domestic Terminus, the sources said.