This Article is From Jul 25, 2014

A Bangalore Mother's Reaction to 6-Year-Old's Rape

(Maithreyi Nadapana is a mother of two young daughters, a multi-media designer, and a Member of Bangalore City Committee, Loksatta Party.)

One more innocent child - a 6-year-old comes under sexual assault. And this time, not just in some home or isolated place, it happened inside an upmarket school, that too during the school hours. This is a shock. If a high end-school can't ensure the safety of my child, then who can? I thought of my two young daughters. A shiver ran through my spine. I just thought about what that child would be going through. How it will impact her outlook towards the world? It rattled me. I felt breathless. Hearing that the school has shirked its responsibility off the whole affair, and in fact tried to hush it up, has enraged me further.

It's just not about this one child, in the last  few days, there have been unbelievable brutal attacks on women of all ages from all strata of society. What's wrong? How can I step out without fear of getting dragged in to a passing car? How do I walk on a road anymore? I don't want to live in fear. It's my basic right to be able to live without fear and with dignity in a safe society. For long, we were complacent with an 'it didn't affect me, so I don't care' kind of attitude.

I was perturbed. Disturbed beyond words. "What can I do?" These words haunted me.

I no more want to blame the world. I need to take charge. Let me do something, which will really create an impact, a long lasting one, which will be a beginning to the end of atrocities committed by mindless, cruel, digressed beings that are a shame to humanity. seemed to give me a platform to express my anguish, to gather the support of likeminded people, who don't want to just sit and crib, but want to be the path to Action. I have signed many before, but for the first time, I started a petition by myself. Quickly it's no more my fight; it became 'OUR FIGHT'. Collectively, our voices have much larger impact, and I am intent upon taking everyone along with me in this journey to achieve our collective goal.

It's time the government realizes we are not to be taken for granted. Please review my petition here

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